Heavenly Energy

Emanating from the Heavens is a light, expansive energy known as Heaven Ki. Accessing this energy makes practitioners intuitive and sharp. It has a far less physical quality than Earth Ki.

For visualization purposes Heaven Ki is considered to be associated with the head area. This relates to the development of intuition and mental acuity. The clarity of this energy aids the practicing of stillness, within which practitioners remember their spiritual connection. It is also possible when operating in this area that colors or visions are experienced.

Working with Heaven Ki is the next step in the energetic learning process. By beginning at the base, Earth, and then moving to its polar opposite, Heaven, practitioners will avoid problematic imbalances. This method of graduated learning is often ignored today. Many practitioners are taught to work immediately with their Heaven Ki connection, disregarding the importance of their Earth Ki connection.

Too often these practitioners end up with their heads in the clouds. For example, an excellent psychic who is not grounded may have a great deal of ability when working with others, but be incapable of solving his or her own issues. This is not deliberate in modern systems but is due to an ignorance of the basic tenets of the system of Reiki.

When you are connected with this centre you may see colors or you might have psychic ability. It is important for you not to become unbalanced, you must keep yourself very centred and grounded. If you can use this energy in a balanced way, you can see beyond the immediate. It is very beautiful but keep things in perspective and do not get carried away with it.

Above is an excerpt from The Japanese Art of Reiki

Heavenly Energy Video from International House of Reiki

Click on the video above to experience working with Heavenly Ki – this image may take time to download and is the result of a collaboration between the International House of Reiki and the DVD game Wisdom Quest from Journey to Wild Divine.