Heart Energy

The third diamond, Heart Ki, is the point of perfect balance that is created by the merging of Earth and Heaven, body and mind. Heart Ki is symbolically located in the center of the chest. By tapping into Heart energy a practitioner begins to shine, radiating light to all directions. Hurt, pain, resentment, mental trauma, stress, anger and fear are all resolved in this light, inviting more forgiveness, love, peace and compassion into a practitioner’s life. The polishing of this diamond is in fact the polishing of the self and is the culmination of balancing the mind and body.

Once practitioners achieve this balance their focus moves to the big picture, rather than immediate problems. Issues are dealt with easily and energy is not wasted on worry or fear.

Ueshiba Morihei, founder of aikidô, wrote, ‘Blend the Heaven and Earth energy with that of your own, becoming life itself. As you calm down, naturally let yourself settle down in the hidden realm of the formless, returning to the heart of things.’

‘Returning to the heart of things’ is the point of balance reached by harmonizing the body, mind and heart, forming the one perfect diamond – you.

Above is an excerpt from The Japanese Art of Reiki

Heart Ki Video from International House of Reiki

Click on the video above to experience working with Heart Ki – this image may take time to download and is the result of a collaboration between the International House of Reiki and the DVD game Wisdom Quest from Journey to Wild Divine.