Earth Energy

About 3 inches (8 cm) below the navel is the symbolic energetic center for Earth Ki – the hara. Building Earth Ki creates a solid foundation from which to progress in Japanese energetic teachings. It is imperative that a solid energetic base exists. To understand its importance, imagine the human body as an energetic triangle, with the base of the triangle playing the supporting role.

The hara contains one’s original energy. Original energy is the Ki that you are born into this world with. It is not a stagnant energy but something that can be built upon to create this necessary solid foundation. This area of the body is often compared to a wok where cooking takes place. The essential ingredients are added and built upon, one-by-one: sesame oil, ginger, soy sauce, garlic. They are heated and mixed and become the base for the most aromatic and delicious food that one can eat. This is the function of the hara to offer a practitioner the foundation from which to develop Ki.

The Ki that emanates from the Earth is heavy, powerful and grounding. This grounding force offers both physical and mental strength. The term ‘grounding’ generally indicates that a practitioner interacts in a realistic and practical manner with life. To be grounded is to feel strong, secure and safe as well as physically connected to the environment.

Working on one’s Earth energy connection develops focus and perseverance and stabilizes the mind. Feet become firmly planted on the Earth in a secure and stable stance. This confidence and practicality is reflected in a practitioner’s dealings with the world. Developing the Earth Ki connection helps practitioners deal with emotions such as fear, uncertainty and low self-esteem. This Ki will support and ground stressed or weak practitioners. Solid grounding work with Earth Ki minimizes the possibility of cracks appearing in the foundation during the later stages of practice.

Above is an excerpt from The Japanese Art of Reiki

Earth Energy Video from International House of Reiki

Click on the video above to experience working with Earth Ki – this image may take time to download and is the result of a collaboration between the International House of Reiki and the DVD game Wisdom Quest from Journey to Wild Divine.

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