Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing through the system of Reiki is about letting go and allowing the healing that you need to occur.

The word “Reiki” in Japanese is literally translated as “spiritual energy”. The system that the founder, Usui Mikao, developed for us to follow provides an ever deepening spirituality, with the ultimate aim of the practice being enlightenment.

No matter what your religion you can work with the system of Reiki to develop your spiritual connection. Students find that it actually supports their religious beliefs.

For those unaffiliated with a religion this is a beautiful way to work with your spirituality.

Below are some excerpts from case studies that were used in Your Reiki Treatment by Bronwen and Frans Stiene. These case studies relate to Reiki treatments but the same applies for anyone working on themselves with the system.

Being There with Reiki

In a tea producing village in the Indian Himalaya, two western Reiki practitioners traipsed from house to house offering free Reiki treatments. The local school teacher, who hoped to bring some healing to her local community, guided them. They entered a small wooden house where in the tiny front room the two practitioners slid in beside a bed where a skinny, old man lay motionless and asleep. The teacher told them he was dying. Not wanting to intrude upon this man’s privacy, they simply held his hands, sitting with him quietly. He lay apparently unaware throughout. When it was time for the practitioners to leave they shuffled back out of the room. Glancing back through the doorway, they watched the old man lift his head from his pillow with effort and waveringly place his hands together in the namaste position. He then raised them to his forehead as a sign of gratitude and sank back into his bed. “Namaste” the practitioners murmured together and raised their own clasped hands to their foreheads in response, offering thanks for the teaching.

The Universe and You

Jasmine had been enjoying her Reiki treatments enormously. Her plan was to continue with one treatment a week until she felt she had moved through the unmotivated slump she had recently been in. The Reiki treatments were helping and by the fourth treatment she was totally into it. She lay on the treatment table during the treatment prepared to go deep down into herself as she normally did, when all of a sudden it felt as if her physical body had disappeared. Jasmine seemed to expand, that was the only word she could think of to describe this weird sensation. It was a little frightening and she grabbed at the edge of the table to steady herself, bringing back her sense of physicality. After a while she let go and relaxed and it seemed as if she was in some big black space which curiously also had an aspect of lightness about it. That treatment was a turning point in Jasmine’s life, she went on to discover a major part of her life that she had been ignoring; her spirituality.

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