Mental and Emotional Healing

Your mental and emotional wellbeing can improve by working with the system of Reiki. 

A research paper, The Use of Reiki in Psychotherapy, concluded that clients reported an overall experience of warmth, wellbeing and safety that seemed to diminish pain and heighten awareness [[The Use of Reiki in Psychotherapy. Perspectives in Psychiatric Care. 2005, October. 41 (4). 184-187. Mary Ann LaTorre]]

It is often this sense of wellbeing that people experience from the system that has a domino affect on other aspects of their lives:

Your mind becomes calmer and less stressed. When you think clearer you can ‘see’ clearer. You will be able to answer all your own questions knowing that you have the answers when the mind calms and becomes less erratic and you tap into that inner knowing.

Through this balance that the system creates depression, insomnia, lack of confidence, addiction and fear-based illnesses may be eased.

Below are some excerpts from case studies that were used in Your Reiki Treatment by Bronwen and Frans Stiene. These case studies relate to Reiki treatments but the same applies for anyone working on themselves with the system.

You are in Control

Pete was 28 and slightly concerned that these Reiki treatments, which he was enjoying, would affect his party-going lifestyle. His girlfriend, Danielle, had tried a Reiki treatment first and she had loved it so much she had convinced him to try it out. After his first treatment on a Friday afternoon he’d decided to take the night off and relax quietly at home instead of meeting with friends at a local club. A similar thing had happened after his second treatment where, although he did go out this time, he really didn’t feel like drinking at all. Curiously, he was also feeling good in himself but at the same time he was a little tentative that Reiki might be stirring up greater changes than he was prepared to make. Pete began to understand that there was no cause for alarm; he could stop with the Reiki treatments if he wanted to or he could continue and allow the change to occur naturally in its own time—it was his choice and he was now, more than ever, in control of his life.

What a Bitch

Megan had been receiving Reiki treatments for a number of weeks and was really starting to feel their benefits. She believed she was now less stressed, calmer and more aware of her life choices. The ultimate realization of how true this was occurred when her work colleague approached her with these jaw dropping comments: “You’re so much more fun to work with these days. It’s great that you’re not as bitchy anymore. Believe it or not, I’m actually enjoying coming to work at the moment.” Megan was stunned. Had she been that difficult to work with? Megan had not only helped herself by receiving Reiki treatments but apparently her actions had unintentionally helped improve the lives of those around her.