Benefits of Reiki

A system that you can use to help yourself, and sometimes others, to feel healthier and happier in life - with an underlying aim to journey the road back to enlightenment.
This is how we see the wonders of the system of Reiki.

Reiki can benefit illness

One of the most fundamental concepts of Reiki is that our bodies draw on more energy to clear stagnant energy. We cannot say exactly why this happens and with the system of Reiki it is not necessary to do so. This is not a system that diagnoses - all we need to know is that our bodies will draw on the energy and take it where it is needed. If the rational mind gets in the way by diagnosing we are limiting the healing possibilities of spiritual energy.
The system can support

Anyone, anywhere can use this system

A child can grasp the simplicity of meditation practices used within Reiki and will respond to hands on healing naturally -receiving and offering it without self consciousness when a situation arises.

It is the most natural thing in life to want to live well and be with others in harmony and that is why children respond to it so easily. The system of Reiki encourages such a lifestyle. For adults it is the task of remembering these qualities that we must endeavour to recall through practice.

It supports the body's natural healing process

Our mind and body knows how to help itself - the system of Reiki supports that innate healing process. Therefore by working with Reiki we can see that it speeds up the natural healing process. For these reasons it was taught in Japan in the late 1920s as first aid to the military who, though they were technologically advancing rapidly, had a health system that was antiquated.

Working with Reiki is about creating balance in our lives

A Reiki practitioner simply allows each client to fulfill their own healing journey. Healing may include a full spectrum of outcomes from miraculous healing to humanity’s final outcome in a peaceful death. The philosophy behind the system of Reiki is that death is a part of the human journey and that Reiki can support us not only in living but also in dying. Anecdotally, it is accepted in the Reiki community that no matter the state of your physical condition, whether you are in excellent health or living with disease, Reiki can still aid you in its ability to bring about balance. This assists you in feeling peaceful and accepting, regardless of your physical condition.

Reiki is non-intrusive, non-manipulative and does not diagnose

Reiki is a practice that, although it does not diagnose, manipulate or offer products to a client, is considered as effective as many other respected therapies today. It relies on the wisdom of the body to know what it needs and wants, in contrast to the controlling and often unempowering attitude of other invasive health care practices, that sets it apart. There is a great wisdom underpinning this system as it teaches its practitioners to leave their limited rationality behind, hold on tight to their commonsense, and let the world’s natural flow of healing energy run its course.

Mindfulness and Reiki

The system of Reiki teaches you mindfulness. Mindfulness is a mind, body, and energy approach which helps you to reduce stress, worry, fear, anxiety for your personal wellbeing.

To help with being mindful, meditation and breathing techniques are taught to help you to stay in the present moment, helping you to change the way you feel about your daily life. Find out more about Reiki and Mindfulness.

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