Reiki Overview

If you're looking for some good basic information about the system of Reiki then you've got off at the right stop.

When we tell people that we practise Reiki - most of them nod knowingly. Sensing their interest we get a little carried away with talking about it until... we realise we lost them way back at the very beginning. And when we manage a pause, their first question is, "Actually, I've heard of the system of Reiki - but what is it exactly?".

Those of you who are curious may wish to go immediately to What is Reiki? This is aimed to inform the general public, and hopefully be educational for Reiki practitioners too. There is information that explains a basic understanding of how Reiki works and details about the different levels of training that exist as well as what you can expect during a Reiki treatment. Find out about many of the myths that have sprung up around the system too.

Everyone loves to hear about the benefits of learning a technique like the system of Reiki. So, without just saying 'everything' (even though that may be the truth) we've listed a number of benefits to satisfy your curiosity.

There are five basic elements of the system of Reiki. These are the basis of the Frans and Bronwen Stiene's second book, The Japanese Art of Reiki. Have an in-depth read of what it is you will learn about when you study the system of Reiki on these webpages. This will help explain what these elements are and why its important that these five elements be found within every Reiki course.

Functioning at the very crux of the system is energy and we explain how the Japanese energetic system works and its relation to the system of Reiki.

The fascinating history of Reiki can also be followed through our many pages about the founder of the system, his students, historical places in Japan related to the system, traditional practices, and historical inconsistencies that continue to keep popping up. You will also find here some solid historical research into the word Reiki. Listen to a calligrapher talk about the word form a symbolical perspective and trace the roots of Japanese kanji to modern time.

So, where is Reiki Today? Read about scientific research into the system, about the many branches of the system, and where you can find insurance and a Reiki association that is right for you.

Our Healing Rooms are where you can go when you need some support. Take some time out to rejuvenate and practise the techniques listed there.