Join Bronwen Logan (Stiene) for 3 x one-hour webclasses over 3 weeks as you develop the skills to write about your personal spiritual experiences using the system of Reiki as your inspiration and energetic foundation.

Week One

  • In class: Find an idea that is interesting for you and your readers by using energetic practices that connect you to your deeper truths.
  • With practices to use daily at home, start developing these ideas.
  • Send your work to Bronwen for feedback.

Week Two 

  • In class: Using new energetic practices, find innovative ways to flesh out your story.
  • Build your daily practice at home and complete the first draft.
  • Send your work to Bronwen for feedback.

Week Three 

  • In class: Learn a meditation that will support you in polishing your piece.
  • Send your finished work to Bronwen for feedback.
  • Upload your work with your “Write on Spirituality” peers.

Working for more than 20 years as a Reiki teacher and author, Bronwen has created the ideas for and written a number of respected books on the system of Reiki and self-development as well as blogs, websites, guided meditations and magazine articles.

Extra tip: If Bronwen thinks your piece is suitable, you may also be published on the IHReiki website!

Suitable for:

  • Anyone interested in the system of Reiki

Teacher: Reiki Author and Teacher Bronwen Logan

Length: 60 minutes

Includes: Downloadable .pdf with practices and class notes