The Art of Creative Meditation Writing Webclass



Open the treasure chest of your creativity to write and teach meditation from the heart with this 4-week webclass. There are one x 1 hour class per week.

Writing meditations is a unique process. It sets itself apart from regular writing by being something that has complete spiritual integration at its heart.

All good writing, whether fiction or non-fiction, brings about a sense of connection for the reader, yet the art of creative meditation writing opens the reader/student and the writer/speaker to experience pure boundlessness… together.

Guiding students successfully in meditation is one very important skill set for every great Reiki Teacher and Practitioner.

To develop your skills further, Bronwen will support you in:

  • Pinpointing what true meditation practice is.
  • Bringing consciousness to experiencing meditation – as a learning tool.
  • Nudging your creativity to blossom during the writing process, staying open and non-judgemental.
  • Giving you a set of guidelines that will enhance everybody’s meditative experiences.
  • Developing your own meditations using Bronwen’s spiritually centered techniques.
  • How to teach while also meditating with students.
  • Creating a meditative space (whether online or in-person)
  • Post-Meditation: Discussing meditation and answering students’ questions.

Let’s take the time to travel deeply into the limitless space of our open minds and learn how to effectively share this innate wisdom.

Working for more than 20 years as a Reiki teacher and author, Bronwen has created the ideas for and written a number of respected books on the system of Reiki and self-development as well as blogs, websites, guided meditations and magazine articles.

Suitable for:

  • Anyone interested in the system of Reiki

Teacher: Reiki Author and Teacher Bronwen Logan

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Length: 60 minutes x 4