Learn from the Living Labyrinth Webclass



The universal principles that prevail in the system of Reiki can be applied to so many other spiritual practices and vice versa. There is always something to be learnt no matter how big or small we are. The universe learns as it shifts and changes, as do we, its inhabitants.

Bronwen Logan (Stiene) has created a 60 minute web class that will allow you to descend Into the mystical world of the labyrinth.

At Tomah Retreat, Bronwen and Frans built a labyrinth (with some great help from friends and students) in 2004 from 800 hedge plants. Now, 17 years later, its secrets continue to bring moments of enlightenment and wonder.

Walk the living labyrinth with Bronwen (virtually, of course) and take home creative skills that provide the means to added spiritual depth and meaning by aligning you with the Way of the Universe.

Suitable for:

  • Anyone interested in spirituality

Teacher: Reiki Author and Teacher Bronwen Logan

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Length: 60 minutes

Includes: Downloadable .pdf with practices and class notes

Venue: Ki Campus