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Our Live Webclasses are viewed from our student website, the Ki Campus.

When you book into the upcoming webclass you will be added to the Ki Campus' relevant section which you will find in the centre of your Ki Campus homepage.

If you are new to the International House of Reiki you will automatically receive a login for our student website, the Ki Campus. Please check your spam for this email if you do not receive it within the next hour. Otherwise, you will automatically be signed up to the webclass in the Ki Campus once you have bought the class.

The system we will be using to connect with you (and you with us) is via web conferencing and it is free. What this means is that you will be able to see and hear your teacher and if you wish you can share in discussion using either chat typing, a microphone, a web camera or all 3.

If you can't make it to the Live Webclass, don't worry, a recording of the class will be held at the Ki Campus for you to view in your own time.

On-line Global Reiki Day | 13 December 2020

Want to feel centred and balanced for Christmas then join Frans Stiene for an online Reiki Day. During this live online Reiki Day we will be focusing on the 5 elements of the system of Reiki: precepts, meditations, hands-on/off healing, symbols & mantras, and Reiju. Teacher: Reiki Author and Teacher...

21 Day Medicine Buddha Mantra Chanting Journey | 24 August - 13 September

Yakushi Nyorai is the Buddha of Healing and Medicine. This 21 Day Live Video Chanting Journey will give you the opportunity to work with the Medicine Buddha mantra to purify your own mind, body, and energy and therefore also help others on a much deeper level. Each day, for 21...

Fudo Myoo Mantra Intensive Weekend | 22/23 of August 2020

Come and join Frans Stiene for an intensive Live Video mantra chanting journey. During this weekend we will chant the Fudo Mantra for 16 sessions of 45 minutes. Fudo Myoo, one of the most important deities in Japanese Buddhism, representing the immovable mind, burning and purifying all the misconceptions that...

21 Day Okuden Reiki II Mantra Chanting Journey | 13 July - 2nd of August 2020

Within Okuden Reiki II we find 3 mantras. Many people use these mantras as an external tool but traditionally they were there to help you to become the mantra through extensive chanting. During this 21 day Live Chanting Journey we will chant each mantra for a period of 1 week, each...

Virtual Practice Evenings for IHReiki Students Only 2020 - 12 months membership

These are for IHReiki trained practitioners and teachers and their students only. You can book in at any time during the year. In 2020 take part once a month in either 1, 2 or 3 of our LIVE Reiki practice evenings with Frans Stiene and/or Bronwen Logan (Stiene). You will have...