Correspondence Courses

Learn More about the System of Reiki

We offer various correspondence courses with differing lengths and topics.

A correspondence course is where you receive teachings via email into your inbox. Depending on the program you choose you might receive an email each day or each week. Make sure you check your spam folder just in case!

Each program is a mixture of written teachings and audio recordings put together by Bronwen Logan (Stiene) to provide multiple methods of learning new practices and ideas. There is also a forum for each program at the Ki Campus, our student website, where you can ask questions or discuss the relative programs. If you are new to the International House of Reiki, you will automatically receive an email giving you login details for the Ki Campus (check that spam folder again, just in case).

Once you have bought your program, the emails are sent automatically - which means you can start today!

Online Program | The Remembering Program

Become a Rememberer! This program is unique to the International House of Reiki. You will not find this course taught anywhere else in the world. No other teachers may teach it except its creators, Frans and Bronwen Stiene, founders of the International House of Reiki. It is comprised of both...

Online Program | 21 Day Reiki Program

It’s easy – just sign up and everyday, for 21 days, you will receive an email in your inbox that will teach, support and guide you in your healing and spiritual self-practice. Read about the daily practices you can learn and listen to Bronwen Logan as she guides you through them....

Online Program | Enhancing the Three Diamonds

Always wanted to know more about the energetic system that lies at the base of the system of Reiki? Read about the Three Diamonds and listen to Bronwen Logan as she guides you through them. We're not talking about the Indian chakra system which the West has adopted into the...