Year of the Dragon Reiki Evening

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2012 is the Year of the Dragon.

Frans Stiene is holding a live event in Newtown, Australia on the 25th January for the Chinese New Year to help you prepare yourself for the Year of the Dragon.

Frans would also like to give everyone the opportunity to share this special event whereever you are. You can participate from your own home. If you do this you will be asked to do specific practices at specific times.

This entire evening will focus completely on ancient Japanese & Chinese spiritual dragon practices to make sure we enter the Year of the Dragon in the right state of mind.

This is a unique chance to experience these ancient teachings.

Find out more about, and book for, the Year of the Dragon Reiki Event here.

Frans Stiene will also be holding a one-hour Teleclass at the end of January called Discover Your Inner Dragon. Find out more under Online Courses.

Cate from had this to say about the upcoming year:

The Year of the Metal Rabbit is drawing to a close, and what a tumultuous year it has been with so many ups and downs! But 2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon which is likely to have many more surprises in store for us all. It is a masculine Yang year which means there will be lots of heat, light and action. When this is combined with the Dragon it means you will have to be very careful of not overdoing things. There will be plenty of energy zipping around but there will also be a real danger of physical and emotional and even spiritual burnout. So please be careful and bring a gentle awareness to everything you do in the coming year because there are sure to be some challenges. The number one prescription is to take lots of time to just be quiet and restful and take things easy… but don’t think of this as just slacking off! It is what you will need to get through the year – so please remember to be kind to yourself.

So to summarize this for Reiki practitioners “Be compassionate to yourself and others” and Happy New Year!

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