What hand positions to use for Self-Treatment with Reiki?

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Here’s a question we received this week on our website.

Q: In doing self-treatment must the hand positions follow a specific sequence or is there no particular sequence?

A: Yes, that is a good question and one which many people have asked over the years.

In reality there is no specific sequence that you MUST follow. The reason why sequences are taught is to give the practitioner a structure to work from. When a practitioner learns a specific structure he or she feels confident with the practice and will not be concerned that he or she is doing the ‘right’ thing. This is the best way to learn any new practice. But after you have worked with the energy and gained a greater understanding of what you are doing and how energy works you can begin to loosen this structure and work more intuitively. Gradually you will then become more confident working intuitively.

From what we understand about hand positions historically: Initially they were used on others while on yourself meditation was the primary source of practice with hand positions occurring if there were physical issues.

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