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We often say, “Let’s go and walk in nature today” as if we are separate from nature. But we are nature! We do not have to walk in nature, but rather have to realize that with every step we take, we already are nature. We are the trees, the soil, the sun, you name it.

Of course, when we go and walk in between the trees, and feel the soil on our feet, and smell the fresh air, it will help us to realize that we are nature. But that really depends on how we are walking and what our intent is during our walk.

Within many Japanese spiritual practices the mountains are seen as a mandala, a living mandala. And you go into the mountains, into this living mandala, to realize that you are the river, the waterfall, the soil, the tree, the sun, the wind, all of it… that you are nature.

So we can see it in this way: first, we see ourselves very separate from nature, and we go and walk in nature. We go into the mountains. After being in the mountains and maybe practicing some specific meditations, we start to realize that we are the mountains. Now when we go back home we don’t see nature as something separate anymore but as something we are. We are nature.

“The language we use to describe our reality influences how we think about it. The problem with viewing ourselves as being ‘fundamentally different’ reinforces a view of being separate from, rather than part of, the rest of the world.” – Ted Cadsby

Ted Cadsby states it wonderfully: the more we see ourselves as something different the more we separate ourselves from it.

This is not just with nature but also seeing ourselves as different than animals. We are animals. The more we see animals as separate from ourselves the more we abuse them and use them.

“The climate crisis comes about because we think ourselves as separate from the planet that we are sitting on…. There is a charity “Friends of the Earth” – good charity, but we are not friends of the earth, we are earth, it is us. The idea that we are separate from it and that we can use it is crazy.” – Simon Amstell (actor, film director, comedian)

Thus seeing ourselves as something different and separate creates many problems in the world. So take a deep look inside of yourself and see the non-separate nature of yourself. See that everything is interconnected, that you are an animal, that you are nature, that you are the world, and that you are the universe.

This way of seeing is the first step into a healthier, more compassionate and more wholesome world.

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  1. Avatar of Annie Monin-Leroy

    Oui, nous avons oublié depuis trop longtemps que nous faisions partie de la Nature, de la Planète. Mais, tout le monde n’a pas la possibilité de vivre dans la Nature ou bien de s’y promener. Par contre, depuis quelques temps, un certain nombre de citadins rêvent de retourner vivre entourés d’arbres, de fleurs, de ruisseaux dans une atmosphère plus saine et sereine. C’est un très bon commencement…. J’espère que ce n’est que le début d’un nouveau départ, d’une nouvelle mentalité, d’une nouvelle façon de vivre plus simplement et sainement….

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