Washington DC 2011 Shinpiden Reiki Level III

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Lori and the International House of Reiki 

Chesleigh Jonkers and the International House of Reiki 

Kathryn Hudson and the International House of Reiki 

Deborah Harrigan and the International House of Reiki 

Cheyenne Luzader and the International House of Reiki 


Washington Shinpiden Graduates in 2011



Frans, Chesleigh and Sydney having some fun after class



Frans, Janet anf Titi

You were most gracious to do a healing at CSE (Centre of Spiritual Enlightenment), I cannot tell you what a huge impact that made on so many. You have a special gift few ever see in the course of a lifetime, to witness such as your healing heals. So many people have talked about what they saw, what they experienced as they watched you heal.
Deborah Harrigan – Intuitive Consultant and Medium – USA

Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity. I feel truly blessed, humbled and honored to be here with you.
Thank you for showing me a true, simple and great way!
Titi Escolante – El Salvador

What a wonderful experience!! This has proved that I made the right choice. I am looking forward to continue my journey.
Mike K – USA

 You have covered all the things missing in my first Reiki class.
Patt Spellman – USA

You appeared at just the right time in my life, thank you.
Celia Im – USA

Each day of this course has been the best of my life and the next even better. Your light ignites and re-ignites many candles.
Never stop failing, that flame, you cannot – you are the flame.
Chesleigh Jonker – Intuitive and medium – USA

To be one in spirit is to be one with all and I say thank you.
Along my journey I have found much, learned much and have let go of much.
As a life long student I bring all of me to this journey and this training, you, all of you, helped me to continue and to know how much I love and need to continue.
Lisa Zuercher – USA

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience and for sharing your spirit (and humor) with us.
This is the perfect next step for me and I am thrilled with the clarity and spiritual re connection I have received.
Love to you and with awesome appreciation.
Cristi Cook – USA

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cannot ever put into words how much this has helped me. I am forever grateful, you have a wonderful gift!
Laura Mangoba – USA

Another superb class of extraordinary leadership in healing and opening to heightened spiritual consciousness.
I knew this would be our best class ever; each class brings its own gifts, each one to be treasured.
Thanks for sharing the journey.
Deborah Harrigan – USA

Frans has the mastery of simplicity and practicality to deliver the traditional Japanese system of Reiki.
Dr Sydney Okojie – South Africa


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