Ultimate Healing Starts In Our Heart/Mind

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It is only through remembering our True Self that healing will last forever.

Many people talk about healing but what is it really? 

Healing is about becoming whole, remembering what we have forgotten. Becoming whole doesn’t always mean the removal of the symptoms; rather it is about how to live with the symptoms in a wholesome way.

What we have forgotten is our True Self, our essence. Remembering our essence is therefore the real healing. When we remember our True Self we start to feel less angry, less worried and fearful, and we become more compassionate to ourselves and others. Therefore, real healing not only will have an effect on yourself but also on your family, your community, and the world as a whole.

Real healing therefore takes place in our mind/heart! This is why all the old spiritual traditions mention specific states of mind/heart which need to be healed, like ignorance, anger, attachments, hatred, greed, etc. 

However, in many modern healing methods we seem to have forgotten this and we focus most of the time just on the physical aspect of healing. In doing this, we forget that the real healing takes place in our mind/heart.

Don’t get me wrong; physical healing is wonderful. But we also know that we cannot take our physical body with us when the time comes for us to leave the physical world. Plus when we get older we often have more aches and pains, and most of us become more fragile. This means that we cannot always cure physical issues, due to the natural process of our body’s aging. However, we still can have a wholesome state of mind/heart. And if we have a wholesome state of mind/heart, we will look at our physical issues from a very different perspective.

The more we start to remember our True Self, the more we step into the realm of real healing. At this stage we will not get caught up in the melodrama of our physical issues; we can start to accept them more openly. And by accepting these physical issues more openly, we have more energy for physical healing to happen! The more we complain about our issues, the more we are angry and worried about them, the more constrained we become, the less energy flows freely through us to help us heal physical issues. Therefore it is paramount that if we want to heal ourselves physically, we first need to heal our heart/mind.

Our True Self is always whole, always bright, perfect, and in union with the universe. If we remember this, then all our physical issues do not have any power over us; this way we do not define ourselves by our physical self or get distracted by our physical self. Our body dies, but our True Self lasts forever and thus when we remember our True Self, we let go of our biggest fear: fear of death. And this in turn again softens our physical issues. This again is the real healing which we need to strive for. 

Nowadays there are many modalities which focus on “healing” others on a physical level, yet they forget to help the client to empower themselves to start to remember their True Self; it is in remembering the True Self that real healing can take place. But of course the practitioner or teacher only can do this if he/she is willing to look first at healing their own mind/heart. We cannot help others to rediscover their True Self if we as practitioners and teachers still are fumbling around in the dark.

Therefore real healing takes place directly within ourselves; direct healing within ourselves will indirectly help others. 

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