UK and Paris Shinpiden Graduates 2013

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Here are some photos and comments from some of the lovely Shinpiden graduates from Frans Stiene’s recent European teachings.

UK 2013 Shinpiden Graduates and Resitters


Paris 2013 Shinpiden Graduates and Resitters


My 3rd sitting in Frans’ Shinpiden class after a few years and I could feel the progression, the opening to more subtile aspects of his teachings. I needed to assess the connexion to the lineage so my Reiki practice and teaching manifest as close as I can the essence of it. Receiving and practicing Reiju with the nice group we were in Paris has open wider the DKM space and I left grateful to be part of it.
I wish to keep that Beginner Mind so the energy flows freely within me. Thanks to all. Thank you Frans. Arielle Semin – France

I have really learned a lot, it was also a lot of fun. But most of all, the course was in itself a very profound spiritual journey. Frans is a wonderful teacher and takes care of his students. And, well, I feel much happier :-). Jerome Desquilbet – Paris

Thank you Frans, you are an inspirational teacher.  A teacher can only be a teacher by being a constant student themselves, and continuing to study and practice their subject, you are such a teacher.  Your knowledge, understanding and curiosity about Reiki shine though in your teachings, and every year I leave the class with a deeper understanding and a revived willingness to learn more and deepen my Reiki practice. Helen Galpin – Course Director at British School of Meditation

Just recently I attended the Shinpiden course taken by Frans. I went with an open mind and wanted to really take the opportunity to learn as much as possible about the Japanese way of Reiki. What I found during the course was, not only did I learn so much about the original form of Reiki, but I learnt so much about myself at the same time. This only happened because Frans and the rest of the people attending the course made it possible. It was an amazing three days, and although a week has past since the course, I am still digesting much of the information, due to it being so in depth.  I would recommend this course for anyone currently teaching and to anyone just wishing to develop the spiritual aspect of Reiki. – Simon Bailey
Co-owner of the Navitas Holistic Therapy & Reiki Centre

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