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If you travel constantly, for the purpose of work or pleasure, you will know how stressfull it can be at times. The road network these days can be a difficult place to stay calm and focused. For the last four years, I have travelled from the UK to Gibraltar and back to the UK, a round trip that takes a week. It can mean very long hours some days, struggling to stay awake and keep your head, negotiating fast roads and aggressive drivers constantly testing your patience. Though, of late, I have felt an inner change.

As I have begun undertaking the transition to Shinpiden course, I have become a calmer and more focused soul. Concentrating on the precepts alone, has caused a shift inside, an inner peace that makes me feel warm and calm.

Also, I can practice moving energy whilst driving. I focus on the road ahead and begin the deep breathing, just letting go of all connections to the stress of daily life. This seems to create a calmer space within the surrounding traffic, the other drivers becoming calmer also. If everyone took more time to explore their inner-selves, perhaps harmony wouldnt be so hard to accomplish.

What is interesting though, is just by simply connecting to and recognising the Ki in yourself, can make all the difference to your daily life. The energy becomes stronger and stronger every day, the Hara becoming more easily stimulated the more you practice, the more connection you feel with everything around you.

It truly is a wonderfull experience and an incredible journey.

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    Hi Adam,
    Thanks for sharing your journey.
    I often say in class that we always have our energy, mind, and body with us during the day, so why not use it to help us to develop further. Every moment is a moment we could practice.

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