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Within the system of Reiki we often think that we have to touch people or that we have to hold our hands just above the person during a healing session. But for me that is just one very small element of the system of Reiki.

In essence the system of Reiki is all about embodying the precepts:

Do not anger
Do not worry
Be grateful
Be true to your way and your being
Show compassion to yourself and others

As we can see, the precepts are a state of mind. And when we are in that state of mind we start to emanate a greater amount of energy. But this energy is not just coming from our hands, but from our whole being.

Thus the more we lay bare this state of mind of the precepts through the meditation practices taught within the system of Reiki, the more we start to see that it is not always necessary to put our hands on or just above someone for healing to take place. For example, we can sit opposite each other and simply allow the healing to take place. Over time and with practice, we can find that we are emanating a greater amount of energy without touching at all.

Of course we all know that when a person walks into the room who is angry or worried, we can feel this. Or we know when a person walks into the room who is happy and playful, how this can have a healing effect on us. This is really what is pointed out within the system of Reiki. Hands are a great conductor for healing, but there is so much more than our hands.

This greater amount of energy is also pointed out within the meditation practice hatsurei-ho. Literally hatsurei-ho means ‘a method to emit our inconceivable spiritual ability’. Thus when we start to practice these kinds of mediations within the system of Reiki on a daily basis, we start to see that we can sit in a cafe or sit with someone in their house and healing can start to take place already because of what both of us are emanating.

The symbols and mantras also point this out. For example both Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and Dai Kômyô point to our original non-dual nature. In this state of mind, we realize that our mind is also the mind of everything else. And it is in this interconnectedness state of mind that healing can start to take place – mind to mind.

So as we can see, it is not always necessary to place our hands on or even near a person. We can be with a person, walk with someone, or play with each other and healing can already start to take place because we are emanating this greater amount of spiritual energy and/or we have realized this deep interconnectedness state of mind and state of being.

But it takes time to lay all of this bare within our practice. This is why at the beginning we often just start with the hands. And the deeper we go, the more we start to realize that it is not just our hands but also our state of mind. However, even if we are in that deeper state of interconnectedness, that doesn’t mean we don’t have to use our hands. We always can use our hands, as touch in itself is so healing. But some people do not always like touch, maybe due to past issues, pain or sensitivities. Thus we can just sit with them; there are so many possibilities.

So take a step away from thinking that the system of Reiki is only a practice which we do with our hands. Step away, explore and do the daily meditation practices within the system of Reiki to lay bare your inner non-dual bright light. Explore and practice and in time you will find that with every step you take, you are emanating this light into the world.

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