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Remove the concept of a linear life and what do we have? Just things. And that is real life… moments of things.

  • The nostril-guzzling smell of the daphne flower.
  • The oddness of the rooster’s crow in the dark.
  • Toast spread with butter, ripe avocado, red tomato, thinly sliced onion and salt and pepper (oh, and just a sprinkle of balsamic).
  • The upward glance from my dog (Bowie, the maremma) as he lies there listening to my non-sensical chitter chat. I imagine he thinks – she’s nuts, but I know she loves me.
  • The sound of frogs croaking noisy “hellos” to each other across the pond at night. 
  • The scent of fireplace smoke on the air as I walk through the front gate.
  • The gentle snore of a loved one.
  • The greenness of too much rain.
  • Hot black tea.
  • The warmth between the sheets before I move in the morning.
  • A satiated tummy of eggplant curry.
  • The plaintive meow of Precious the cat, calling me to open the door.

Each thing, welcomes me into the moment and then reminds me that every “thing” is impermanent by saying goodbye.

These are some of my things. So, for today only, what are yours?

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