The Secret of Many Blessings Part 5 of 5 Reiki and Manifestation

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Reiki and Manifestation

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This is the 45h Part in a 5 Part series. Read Part 1Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 here.

The Law of Attraction, the central concept popularized in recent years, is simply stated as “like attracts like”.  i.e. Positive thoughts brought positive results and negative thoughts brought negative results in the physical world. Author and inspirational speaker, Mike Dooley, states this idea succinctly as “Thoughts Become Things”.

One thing I knew from personal experience was that this wasn’t as simple as wishing for what I wanted, or thinking deeply about what I wanted, or even affirming carefully and consistently what I wanted. That idea seemed overly simplistic to me.

All along this part of the journey, I have wondered why my Reiki practice was already doing this – producing miracles and manifestations so often, and why sometimes it wasn’t making things come about that I had deeply desired! There seemed to be some “X” factor involved that no one seemed to talk about (in what I had read).

Surely there must be a method to this phenomenon.

In the previous article, I presented a model / concept through which I suggested that Usui san has given us the method to invite God’s Grace into our lives, so that we can find the happiness and freedom from illness here, now, in this physical form.  Here’s how I connected the dots between the Reiki precepts and the Law of Attraction.

Through experimentation and empirical observation, I found out that there was indeed a simple, yet profound formula for manifesting desires and intentions in one’s life.  It has three key parts to it:

  1. Intention: Formulate your intention with clarity.
  2. Attention: Put your focus, attention and your work / effort towards it.
  3. Grace: Permit the flow of Grace in your life, and that to me, means living your life in accordance with the Reiki precepts.

The “X” factor is Grace. This is what I had not come across in any explanations before. And this is what Usui san seems to have been hinting to us with the “The Secret of Inviting Happiness through Many Blessings” in the Reiki precepts.

The more adept you become at living life in accordance with the Reiki precepts, the more able you are in manifesting your desires.  This is yet another reason why I think that Usui san said “The Secret of Inviting Happiness” in the precepts, because you are indeed able to manifest your desires when you live life following the precepts, which surely precipitate happiness in our lives.  The other aspect to why the word “Inviting” is there in “Inviting Happiness” is because you initiate the invitation through your clear intention.

At a deeper level, it is quite obvious to me now that Usui san’s path enables these miracles because Grace is an attribute associated with Divinity, and when pursues life in accordance with the path, one becomes closer and closer to their true nature, which is, after all a fragment of that Divinity.  No surprise that acts of creation through miracles and manifestations are one among many consequences of staying on the path!

Many spiritual traditions, including the Yoga tradition which I’m somewhat familiar with warn of the distractions coming from the spectacle and the sideshows on the path – which is what miracles and manifestations can turn out to be.  They warn a seeker or practitioner to know about these phenomenal possibilities but be wary of them because getting attached to them can cause them to get stuck in a sideshow and lose track of why they became a seeker in the first place – to awaken to the truth of their real nature.  In my opinion, that warning is true in the pursuit of Reiki as a spiritual path too.

Again, this is just my personal understanding of the connection between Reiki and the Law of Attraction.  I think that the Law of Attraction is probably more fully explained and understood through “The Secret of Many Blessings” or the Reiki precepts!  It is with humility I share this, knowing well that there is likely more depth to this matter than what I have understood to date.

I had shared this insight with Frans, some time ago, and this is what he had to say:

Most people think it is just setting your intent, but that is not it. Normally our intent is cloudy and covered with mistaken identity and reality, so our intent is not really clear. But through practice our intent becomes so clear, without all our judgment etc..that it starts to resonate with the universe, becoming one with all that is. Only at that time we can really start to manifest.

Frans’ explanation resonated with me a lot.

“The Secret of Inviting Happiness through Many Blessings”, i.e. the Reiki precepts, also happens to be the same secret that underlies the Law of Attraction. The Reiki precepts are all about enabling a practitioner to progressively unfold into the realization of their True Nature, a process that steadily enables the undistorted flow of Grace in their lives.

Personally, just as soon as these insights clarified the numerous questions I’ve had before, they have also led me to deeper ruminations on the essential nature of Reiki, the spiritual energy, and the mechanics of healing and manifestations.

  • How does hands-on healing in Reiki really work?
  • How does distance-healing in Reiki really work?
  • And what about the attunements and Reiju – what are the mechanics of these awesome rituals?

i.e. How does Reiki really work?

Yet again, more questions arise, and the rabbit hole goes deeper  Hopefully one day soon, as clarity emerges about this, I will come back again to share my insights with you! Until then, here’s to your consistent practice of the system of Reiki and benefiting from The Secret of Many Blessings unveiled in it!

As always, this is evolving thinking from this Reiki practitioner. Please keep me honest and challenged, and share your thoughts about these articles in the comments section below.

Sundar Kadayam is a Shinpiden graduate of the International House of Reiki.

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    Hi Sundar! Thanks as always for your deeply insightful thoughts. I think those of us on the Reiki path need to be very careful about what it is that we want to attract. The so-called “Law of Attraction” makes no distinctions between asking for power, wealth, adulation and the like and asking for what Usui Founder offered us in his Precepts: health, humility, the ability to be grateful and kind, the willingness to work hard and to set our “self” aside (worry and anger). I think the daily practice of the Precepts will “attract” a better outcome for all of us who follow the Reiki Way, but it has nothing to do with the material wealth and temporal and sexual power that the “Law of Attraction” is all about. Rather, the benefits that accrue to us will be non-material but essential to our ultimate happiness: peace, calmness, equilibruim, acceptance, tolerance, wisdom, spiritual enrichment.

  3. Avatar of seema

    Hi Sundar,
    Thank you for this wonderful article. Seems it has come at perfect time for me. Please correct me and see what you think I understand. Just thinking what you wrote and also what you quoted by Frans. I can only say based on my own experience and how my Reiki practice at the moment is reflecting on my life. I have always been an optimistic person and seem the idea of having intent and then going about it had worked, like the positive manifestations. To me it seem like if you keep reciting the mantra that you are no good etc. it does become a reality because not only you are reciting that mantra you actually are also believing that to be true and putting fire and soul in it. I think in reality one really doesn’t have to chant “difficult mantras” to make things happen, this was my thinking when I started my Reiki journey several years ago. Still down the years seems like things wouldn’t happen always the way, like you had mentioned that sometimes deep desires wouldn’t just happen and sometimes they would. It was like no matter how deeply I wanted them to happen even if I was thinking day in /out. I just realized some thing in your blog, perhaps it’s subtle or maybe I am wrong but thinking about reiki precepts and the intention. Seems perhaps 20-25 years for me at least placing the “intent” and accomplishing that was much easier then now! Was thinking what changed? I think I realize – like Frans say we start to place layers around us, layers of worry, fear etc. etc. I think when we place our intent no matter how deeply and strongly we want , throughout the path we get side tracked every time a so called “ obstacle” comes we get worried and fearful , then if something “positive happens “ we get all happy and get carried away , then pretty soon that intent is not crystal clear any more , it kind of becomes more like “clinging” , clinging to those “ happy moments and obstacles” , we start to make our intends “cloudy” as Frans has mentioned and then I think that’s why resonance and vibration with universe is almost diminished down the road ? This is where the Reiki precepts comes , the more you work on that the more you get a clear picture of your own reality and identity and you can always keep it sharp and in resonance with universe ? This is something I have just realized it after reading this blog. Not sure if my interpretation make any sense? Nevertheless it’s really profound for me and I say Sundar you have come out to be a teacher for me. You wrote at end to keep you challenged and honest, I don’t have anything to challenge  . Let me get back with you in few months and see if that worked for me. This is what I have come up with in the first go of reading; I am sure more will come. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and I am really thankful for providing this timely teaching/ message to me!

  4. Avatar of Sundar Kadayam

    Frans: You are so right!  The Yoga Sutras explicitly warns the spiritual aspirant about the distractions of the “powers” or “gifts” etc. that are often unlocked during the course of diligent spiritual practice.  I read these when I was really young and as tantalized I was about the amazing powers that could be unlocked in practice, I was equally terrified about ending up in a dead-end, an illusory cul-de-sac, the price of which would have been this lifetime wasted in forgetting what matters – to awaken to one’s true nature!

    Elly: You make very good points.  We, as practitioners of Reiki, have to be very clear about what we want to attract.  I see the Law of Attraction as a force of nature, something that exists, and is active all the time, whether we are cognizant of it or not, have conscious awareness of it or not, actively participate in a practice using it or not.  Kind of like “gravity”! It is just there.  It is another thing entirely that the contemporary practice of the Law of Attraction is often peddled as a magic wand to get the things we desire, only to leave the people who try to do so, in different states of disappointment.  Kind of like how Reiki practitioners often mistakenly wave the CKR symbol all over the place, protecting this that and the other!  Ignorance is commonplace and it cuts across all practices and practitioners.  All we can do is to gain that clarity for ourselves, and when we have some, perhaps we can be of some value in pointing others to that clarity. With the Law of Attraction, the question is really one of what are we attracting—that is evident when we examine what we have going on in our life in the moment.  The next question is what we do really want to attract—that, as you say, is something we should be really clear about.  And as you say, the Reiki precepts not only point the way to what really matters, but also provides a clear path to enabling the Grace that is the secret of inviting happiness and the miraculous medicine for all illness, the secret of many blessings, as I’ve referred to in these series of posts.

    Seema: Your understanding seems spot on to me.  How I like to see it is that the more we practice the precepts, the more the prism of our existence is clear—i.e. free of worries, fear, anger, resentments, judgments, clinging and so forth.  The more our prism is clear, the more freely Grace moves through us without distortion.  The more Grace moves undistorted in us, the more clear instruments we are for Grace.  The path is then one of deepening this practice so that the prism of our existence is not just clear every so often, but is clear permanently.  The precepts of Usui san, along with the other supporting elements of the system of Reiki provide all the tools necessary for that clearing to happen!

    In this context, I wanted to share one more relevant thing—In Indian tradition, there is a famous hymn called the Hanuman Chalisa (also written as Hanuman Chaleesa), and it begins with this invocation:  ““I take the dust of the Guru’s lotus feet to cleanse the mirror of my heart.”  In it I’ve seen the same idea of “cleaning the mirror of my heart”—what I’ve been calling “clearing the prism of our existence”—same thing.  I see the Reiki precepts, the symbols and the mantras, the meditations, the Reiju and hands-on healing, as the scrubbers using which we can scrub and eliminate / let go / clear the layers that obscure or distort the prism of our existence, the mirror of our heart.  With continued clearing, our intentions get clearer, AND the x-factor of Grace moves more undistorted in our being facilitating the manifestation of the intentions.  And I conjecture that the natural endpoint of this is the state where our intentions aren’t separable from that of Existence itself, i.e.we become instruments of Grace.

  5. Avatar of seema

    Hi Sundar, I find it interesting and relevant how you have kind of put together Reiki precepts with Hanuman chalisa. I am right now trying to put together it all. Growing up I was told not to recite hanuman chalisa ( not for females) , anyways I won’t go there at the moment but I have listened to it so many time and tried to understand the essence of it and so many times just as it is. I think it goes back to the same thing, merely reciting something whether it’s a mantra, prayers etc. doesn’t do much. As you can chant as much as you want but if you are really not understanding the essence of it and ready to embrace it doesn’t work , isn’t it same for Reiki precepts? When I think of embracing it or like you said – clearing the prism of our existence or like in hanuman chalisa it says – I take the dust of the guru’s lotus feet to cleanse the mirror of my heart ,  a quote by Rumi comes to my mind—“you have to break your heart several times before you can really open your heart “  to me it goes with your practice of finding yourself meaning precepts really show you that prism so you can see “yourself” and other elements give you that strength and “armor” to embrace yourself first , so it’s like breaking your heart several times so you can be open as when we do start looking in that mirror /prism sometimes we really don’t like what we see , it can be quite painful !!. Because to me grace comes when you are first open and almost become naked to yourself – precept “true to your way and your being”  only then you can be in that state of surrender and can be “naked” to others and that comes from space of no ego, worry , fear etc etc. again then precepts comes in place . But again merely reciting is not enough if you don’t have the tools or if you are not ready but then again even that is also not enough there is another very important thing that is the Teacher, the Guru. The emphasis of that is stressed in all the spiritual teachings, why because initially our prism of our heart is not clear, we have a confused mind and heart we don’t know what tools to use how to use etc. merely reading something and reciting something don’t take you to that essence. I myself have done that mistake where I tried to work on something that I wasn’t ready and it started to cause some pretty strong feelings and reactions which I wasn’t ready to embrace just yet. That’s why we need to have the guidance every step of way, otherwise it’s like walking blindly and then ultimately you will have broken and shattered prism in your hands. My cup is getting full now and I have to empty it, such an amazing and life long journey. Not sure what I understand is what it is but that’s where I am at the moment and looking forward to learning and trying to embrace. Sundar, I really like this blog of yours as I am at the moment was thinking of precepts and this has given me lot to think and I would need to go back and read all over again.
    I also want to thank Frans for guiding me every step of way , nudging me , encouraging me , pointing it , being firm and flexible with compassion and kindness . Thank you so much so i can have the tools to clear my prism of heart/mind .

  6. Avatar of Elly

    Thanks for your insights, Sundar! And Seema, thanks for another wonderful Rumi quote! I have always looked at this breaking of the heart from a different perscpective: I think of it as a doorway between life and death, between us and those we have loved and lost. As I see it, every time we lose a loved one to death (including our dear pets and people we may not know personally but admire greatly), part of our heart goes with him or her. (Thus, heartbreak.) As we go through our life, more and more of these heart-pieces break off, making it possible for us not just to move more freely across time and space, but to lose our grasping obsession with remaining physically alive at any cost. And when enough pieces have at last broken off, we become free to leave our physical bodies behind and join all those we have loved and lost in the light that never dies.

  7. Avatar of seema

    Hi Elly, that’s a really beautiful analysis! I think these poets have so many layers and teachings in their poems and I personally cannot get enough. This is why I also feel waka is so powerful and it’s not recognized and utilized in system of Reiki . Your analysis and outlook on life and death actually brings another layer of my own healing. I have seen death up close from a very young age( 3 years) and then more , when I started practicing system of Reiki , all those layers started to emerge and I started to “see” all those who were departed and if it wasn’t for Frans support and the “healing” I received from him I would have drowned by now . I think that time I learned when we die, or a bug or a fish they all have the same fate, they all feel the same and it is just same and there is no pain! that realization helped me so much I think that time a feeling of “self centeredness” that we feel that we are “superior” beings just faded away. You mentioned about pets, I have to say aprox. 17 years ago we got a gold fish in a small tank and due to change in weather one day I came home and saw fish floating on the water lifeless , that particular image (still fresh in my mind ) , made me cry for a week and told my husband that no more pets of any kind . It’s the clinging, attachment or should I say like “owning” something or someone makes us so closed I think. Breaking your heart every day is also embracing these small things every day. I think with this realization we see that we live every day but die once and not the other way around( as some say that we die every time the heart is broken). I think with this expansion we can become more compassionate instead of resentful, angry etc. and hopefully that will make our own death easier , like you have said also.

  8. Avatar of Elly

    Hi Seema! Thank you for your beautiful comment. As someone who has almost died twice, I can assure you that death itself is a peaceful thing: You shut down, you stop, you aren’t at all afraid. It is the living who suffer from the loss, not the dead. If you’ve ever had to euthanize a terminally suffering animal, you’ll also have seen this: the beautiful release from suffering, even as you yourself are sobbing over their loss, and yet rejoicing that they are free from pain and the struggle to conceal it from you, the person or people they so love. The immediate look of relief, of relaxation, on their face is remarkable. It will never leave you. Maybe it’s just me, but I love sitting in sacred space with my beloved dead. It may sound strange, but I feel they’re most truly themselves then, and I can be there with them, “just for today.”

  9. Avatar of seema

    Hi Elly, thanks for sharing your wisdom , I can relate about the death experience some what as I myself had similer experiences . I think death can peaceful of we don’t have clinging and desires and also some times loved ones makes it harder. I have seen that in my work field how some one is so sick yet they have difficulty letting go , family not able to let go or they themselves are not able to let go and hence the suffering. This is a bit difficult topic for me still as I live kind of far from my parents and always seem to be in that state , although its a inevitable and it will happen . Yes, you are correct its the living who suffer from the loss. Seems death has a beauty like life , its mystical and “liberating ” as it is ultimate freedom , perhaps !
    This is something I wrote—
    “Just for today ” I live every day
    when I die , it might look like an end
    it might look like a sunset
    but that’s when my soul
    will be freed
    to rise again from the seed fallen
    from the world of no place and no time.
    In reality sunset is beginning of the dawn
    and is no less beautiful then sun rising
    Thanks for the secret of many blessings
    and manifestations , “just for today “
    I live everyday !

  10. Avatar of Elly

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful poem, Seema! Would you mind if I posted it on my blog, The Reiki Blog ( I would of course credit it to you, and if you’d like me to use your last name as well, just let me know what that is. And if you’d rather I not share it with my readers, that’s of course fine as well; I’m so grateful just to be able to enjoy it myself. Blessings, Elly

  11. Avatar of seema

    Hi Elly ! Thank you .
    yes you can post in your blog , I will be honoured ! I have read in past some of your blogs and they are very inspiring and have enjoyed them ! .
    you can write Seema Sahoo. A link to this discussion would be good too. Lot was happening inside after every installement of this blog and I have to say that the lines I wrote are inspired from our discussion and I think the last few times when we talked it started to bring few pieces of my own healing and in your post the last words that you wrote “just for today”  broke a piece of my heart 🙂 and it kind of brought it together. Thank you Elly for bringing it out for me !
    so , seems like another layer of precepts is – you live everyday like this your first day , giving thanks for many blessings that universe is offering you , living in the grace and when that “day” comes the ultimate “grace” falls upon you and everything is peaceful , fresh , beautiful and have that aroma of a new begining and not ending.

    I have used the Reiki precepts “just for today” and title of this blog ” secret of many blessings ” in this .

    Sundar: Thank you once again !
    Frans: thank you continuosly helping me to discover these layers , you have always said that its all inside , its a seed I see.

  12. Avatar of Elly

    Thank you so much, Seema! I know my readers will enjoy your beautiful words as much as I have, and would enjoy Sundar’s ever-thoughtful and thought-provoking posts here on the IH Reiki blog as well.

  13. Avatar of seema
  14. Avatar of Sundar Kadayam

    Elly & Seema – good discussion and thanks for sharing those additional insights and thoughts.
    Seema, I’m glad that you find this post useful.
    Elly, you can use any of my posts that IHReiki has graciously posted here. If you need to follow up on anything in this regard, my email is skadayam AT presevo DOT com.  Thanks.

  15. Avatar of Elly

    Hi Sundar! I so love following you on your ongoing Reiki journey, it’s always so inspiring! And believe me, if I lived anywhere near Cincinnati, I’d be sitting in on your classes, and doubtless we’d be having some very lively, exciting discussions! I’m in awe of your teaching program and have been giving it great thought when I consider my own. After all, Usui Founder considered his students students for life and welcomed them to every session at his Reiki dojo. Why should we not do the same? (And, of course, give our students the opportunity to be our teachers for life as well!) Somehow, this seems more in the Japanese tradition of Dogen Zenji than a one-off-goodbye course that leaves your students hanging and severs them from you, diminishing you as it leaves them lost. Frans and Bronwen have done such a great job of supporting distant students through the Ki Campus and online followup classes, I really admire that. But I’m such a darned Luddite that a blog and e-mail (and, of course, face-to-face get-togethers) are about the most I’m willing to undertake, but I AM willing to undertake them all ad infinitum. Thank you for your e-mail address, mine’s ellyhawk AT yahoo DOT com, should you ever wish to contact me. Blessings, Elly

  16. Avatar of seema

    Hi Sundar- Would it be Ok if I can drop a line through email if I have a question ?
    I agree with Elly ,  if I was in Cincinnati I would be coming as well to your classes but then again distance is just in mind we all are always connected 🙂

    Agree Elly , Yes Frans and Bronwen have a great support for anyone who wants to learn and have all sorts of classes and modes available – not only Ki campus and online follow up like tele classes but private skype sessions which are an excellent support and even great to learn for learning and supporting your practice—spritually and professionally , not to mention email support !
    Last month we had a skype session with Frans and my students and it was a great session , it was a great feeling to be there with everyone together.

  17. Avatar of Sundar Kadayam

    Hi Elly, Seema: You are most kind with your compliments. Thank you!

    Teaching and supporting a practitioner student on a continual basis is not only an essential aspect of Usui san’s method (as it has been in the past of most notable spiritual teachers / gurus), but it has also been reasonably emulated by Frans and Bronwen with their Ki Campus, ongoing teleclasses, the Blog and Facebook and discussions that ensue on them, through their continuous investment in technology to facilitate this, and most importantly Frans’ very direct support of his students via all possible forums always!  The inspiration we need as teachers is right there not only in the system’s origin, but in an operational form here at IHReiki.

    The rest is our initiative, and letting go of our doubts and follow our heart in getting it going.  I’m not saying that it is easy to do, but merely saying it is doable. For instance, I had intended to start three such year-long programs this year, starting in August, but I haven’t been able to do so yet, due to other important commitments at work and at home. Nevertheless, I remain hopeful that I will continue my journey in that regard soon.

    And, yes, please drop me an email if I can be of any help any time.

  18. Avatar of seema

    Thank you Sundar ,
    I will be in touch , I am new to teaching and I see as our own personal practice progress we also start to “handle” things while teaching . Teaching has several components which I am slowly discovering .
    I agree that a student/practitioner relation on a spiritual journey is so important and its in every spiritual teaching. I don’t see how you can do without it ? And its a journey both have to take it. Ihreiki has several platforms according to student levels and what they can do. I agree about Frans’ direct approach and I can say that from my personal experience never felt that I am left unsure , confused and yes the inspiration is not only in the system of reiki that we read , understand but we see “here” ( Ihreiki) transformed and have a “direct” experience. what a inspiration !
    You are correct , on how with daily life work, home etc. we make adjustments , we can only do the best we can , that’s all we can do and that best always get better with time and practice. I find same with me so many times 🙂
    I wish you all the best in everything and your projects sound so wonderful . please keep us posted.

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