The Secret of Many Blessings Part 4 of 5 Understanding the “Many Blessings”

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Understanding the “Many Blessings”

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This is the 4th Part in a 5 Part series. Read Part 1Part 2 and Part 3 here.

NOTE:  What I’m about to share in this article is something that is a model / concept using which I came to a personal understanding of the Precepts, and why they are the key to the kinds of miracles and manifestations so many Reiki practitioners encounter in their lives.  I am going to use some terms and expressions and concepts here that some may find in deep violation of their beliefs.  If you are one of those, and you encounter rage or anger or such other reaction in the course of reading this article, I’d like to suggest powerful tools to overcome it:  Exercise your choice or freedom, and hit the back button in your browser to go back to where you came from, hit the close button on your browser to close this page, and if you got this article in your email you can hit the delete button to dismiss me and my ideas from your life now and forever 🙂

I’ve written before that, in my personal opinion, the precepts are the key to the miracles and manifestations that many of us Reiki practitioners experience in our lives.  Why is that the case?  I think that the key is to understand what the “Many Blessings” are.

Some teachers have remarked that the “Many Blessings” are the Reiju, which is a spiritual blessing provided by the teacher to students every time they got together.  This is a very reasonable explanation in my personal opinion.

Frans’ take on this matter, was simple, yet profound:

The real blessing for me is the precepts, through practice we get rid of the anger, fear etc.. this is the blessing. Yes Reiju means spiritual blessings but it is not the blessings talked about in the precepts, the reiju helps to understand these blessings. Also if we only keep relying on the teacher for these blessings then we never gain self empowerment.

I wanted to understand more about why being rid of anger, fear etc. are the real blessing.

And one day, this model or concept came to mind, involving the precepts.

Most people are familiar with the concept that we call the ‘Grace of God’ — that mysterious and miraculous aspect of the Divine, that makes anything possible, and causes what may seem impossible to become possible.  But the understanding most people have is that they have to ‘pray’, ‘request’, ‘beg’ and even ‘bribe’ God for it 🙂  This is certainly true of Hindu culture that I am quite familiar with, but I have to believe that this understanding is more universal than that, cutting across religions and cultures.

I like to look at the concept of Grace differently.

To me, Grace is like a non-discriminating rain shower that showers over everyone and everything all the time.  Whether Grace works in one’s life as such all the time, to produce an experience of that which a person is wanting / needing,  is really a function of whether that person has been open to it and allow for its unhindered flow in their life.

There is a very concrete method of having Grace flow in one’s life all the time and make miracles happen.   (** Actually, what follows is a simplistic model that explains the concept of Grace. But, this will suffice to glimpse deeper into the secret of “Many Blessings”)

Firstly, learn to UNBLOCK (the entry of Grace in your life):

Do not Anger:  Anger is about something that happened in the past. Bearing anger means to have your conscious awareness be stuck in the past. Not here and now.

Do not worry:  Worry is about something that might or might not happen in the future. Dwelling in fear means to have your conscious awareness be stuck in a yet-to-arrive future. Not here and now.

Grace can only flow through your conscious awareness here and now.  Keeping anger and worry away is a sure fire way to let the Grace enter your being unhindered.  With the mind not in the way, the entry of Grace is unblocked.

Secondly, learn to EXPAND (and accelerate the movement of Grace in your life):

Be Humble:  Humility to me, is about keeping pride and arrogance away.  When you are humble, you are unpretentious.  A state of gratitude is a foundation for humility.

The heart (the heart center) expands wide open when you are in this state.  And the movement of Grace expands and accelerates through you as a result.

Thirdly, learn to FLOW (and express this in your life in your work and in the way you deal with others):

Be Honest in your Work:  Your approach to your work leaves an imprint of your presence in the world.  Honesty in your work in this context enables the positive outward flow of Grace in your life.

Be Compassionate to Yourself and Others:  When you are kind to yourself, in addition to what we’ve covered before, the impact of Grace in your own being is positive, healing.  When you are kind and compassionate to others, it enables Grace to flow outward to others through you, unhindered.

Our attitudes towards ourselves and others and actions in this world govern the flow of Grace through us into this world around us.

To me, it felt that Usui san, through these five-precepts, was indeed sharing with us “The Secret” of “Inviting Happiness” through “Many Blessings”.

The “Many Blessings” is the ever present “Grace”.

The “Secret” part is that Grace can be “invited” into our being by keeping anger and fear away, any time, any number of times. Grace can be permitted to expand and flow in us and through us into the world around us, by living a life of humility (and gratitude), honesty and compassion.  An expanded heart is a blissful heart.  A fear-free and worry-free mind is a happy mind.  We have to consciously choose to do it, and that is why the precept says “Inviting Happiness”, i.e. choosing that which will invite happiness.

Grace is the essential quality of the presence of the Divine / God / Universe in this physical world, and it can said to be of “Spiritual” origin, of course!  The living by the precepts causes Grace to precipitate healing in you.  Hence the precept says: “The Spritual Medicine”.  And given its source, no illness is an obstacle for the flow of Grace, as it flow will heal all illnesses.  Hence the precept says: “The Spiritual Medicine for All Illness”.

In simpler, more provocative terms, Usui san has given us the method to invite God’s Grace into our lives, so that we can find the happiness and freedom from illness here, now, in this form.

This is one way I’ve come to understand, why the precepts are the foundation of the system of Reiki, and why the practice of the precepts is key for any practitioner of the system of Reiki.  In the precepts are hidden this amazing secret that causes the unhindered flow of Grace in our lives and into the world around us!

Surely the model / concept I present here is simplistic, and surely there will be more depth and more layers here to uncover and learn.  However, it seems like one reasonable model / concept to explain why the living of life according to the five-precepts precipitates miracles in our lives.  I won’t for a moment even claim that this is THE right explanation.  One thing I’ve come really know is that the more I think I know, the further away from the truth I actually am!

I shared this with Frans some time ago, and this is what he had to share with me about this model / concept:

Grace as you say is the rain, it is always raining but people just don’t notice it. The blessings Usui sensei is talking about in the precepts is this rain. The reiju is like a kind of rain as well, but the more we practice for ourselves the more harmonious we become with the natural flow of the universe the more we receive these blessings, thus tapping into the blessings without the need of a reiju.

Fran’s note is amazing, as always, in its brevity and its profundity.

Living life in accordance with the Reiki precepts enables a practitioner to move progressively towards the realization of their True Nature, a state in which Grace moves through them unhindered and undistorted.  When I put these insights together to share with friends some time ago, I also noticed that there is a fascinating connection between the “The Law of Attraction” and “The Secret of Many Blessings”.


Sundar Kadayam is a Shinpiden graduate of the International House of Reiki.

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  1. Avatar of Elly
  2. Avatar of Joe

    crystal clear!

    The self-absorbed mind is an umbrella.
    The precepts are the button that collapses this false armor.

    This is very frightening for most as all of our conditionings (both external and internal) have been integrated into the erection of this fantasy world. We believe this world constructed of the angers and worries is very real and the fabric of our very being.  But it only serves to isolate us from each other.  When we hide from grace we suffer needlessly. We are hiding from the condition of happiness and what can follow.  It is a miraculous transformation.

    The precepts gently and gradually allow us to experience what is beyond the shelter of the umbrella that we may walk in the here and now without fear.

  3. Avatar of seema

    Hi Sundar !
    I am smiling while I am reading this blog 🙂
    I know coming from same roots how many times heard and also myself have tried to “bribe” the GOD lol..I have also given him ultimatums. Jokes apart, I think you have been very nice in the way you have put it out in the article above I am kind of a bit more direct in that ( which I wont be here ). Growing up and then later as well used to wonder , how come even after receiting , asking, begging , praying etc. etc. one still doesnt grasp the meaning of the teachings and still one has anger , hatered for the fellow being although one feels they are ” GOD fearing” and “religious” to me it never made sense. I , myself have asked from time to time questions to myself and then to Frans as well when I started to practice.I remember when I first started to write again poetery in one of the email I asked Frans the same thing and he had said to me- “I think we need to go beyond the boundaries of modern religion and going back to the real roots, what the real aim was, spiritual freedom”. To me it made perfect sense as I find system of Reiki so liberating as it envokes all the inner teachings which are already inside us , make us want to conquer the anger , fear , worry , be compassionate to yourself , others . With practice I started to see the hidden healing power of Precepts which is such a neglected element in system of Reiki and more you practice more libereted and free you feel , all about spritual freedom , like Frans said. This was few months ago and now reading your blog and going forward in practice I do find it true every day. Yes , grace is like rain always raining but we with our confused mind dont see it. yes , Frans quotes about Reiju are amazing as , yes if we always relay on the teacher we never be able to be self empowered. Reiju is in everything and every where , you will see it if you are open to it , initially you see it like “me” and “you” .
    This blog has so many layers if we see it , wonderful Sundar , beautiful !

  4. Avatar of Sundar Kadayam

    Thank you Elly and Joe.  I like how you put this simply and bluntly Joe: “When we hide from grace we suffer needlessly”. 

    At some level, the layers of angers, worries, judgments and such that we carry in our being, I see them as the very things that “distort the movement of Grace”.  Our being in its entirety including the sum total of our beliefs, feelings, thoughts, words and actions, are the composite that are “the prism of our existence”.  When pure light flows through a pure prism, what we get on the other end is the miracle of a beautiful rainbow.  When pure light flows through a prism with impurities, we do get some spectrum of colors on the other side, but that is not beautiful like a rainbow.  Same is the case, I think, with Grace moving through the prism of our existence.  If we can be “clear”, which we can be if we practiced living according to the precepts, the movement of Grace in us and through us will produce miracles like the rainbow effect from a clear prism.  If we aren’t “clear” and bear anger, carry worries and fears, indulge in judgments and non-forgiveness, live from our ego, and cannot love ourselves and others—the effect is suffering.  This is why I think that the precepts are literally “the secret of many blessings”, the secret that unlocks the movement of Grace in us in an undistorted manner.  I’ve said this in this forum many times before, but I cannot help repeat myself here again – I stand in awe of the wisdom of Usui-san, who, with these simple words of the precepts, has left the secret to living in the flow of Grace, to all now and forever more!

  5. Avatar of Sundar Kadayam

    Seema, thank you.  I too have wondered about the phrase “God-fearing”—really if there was ever an oxymoron, to me this was it!  A self-contained,  self-reinforcing absurdity.  Just how far removed this is from the “spiritual freedom” that Frans talks about, isn’t it!  And as you say, only practice will enable us to look past the constructs held up by our own fears, worries, anger etc., and glimpse the ever-present Grace.

  6. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi Sundar,

    Love what you say in your article and also in your last comment:

    “When pure light flows through a pure prism, what we get on the other end is the miracle of a beautiful rainbow.  When pure light flows through a prism with impurities, we do get some spectrum of colors on the other side, but that is not beautiful like a rainbow.  Same is the case, I think, with Grace moving through the prism of our existence.  If we can be “clear”, which we can be if we practiced living according to the precepts, the movement of Grace in us and through us will produce miracles like the rainbow effect from a clear prism.  If we aren’t “clear” and bear anger, carry worries and fears, indulge in judgments and non-forgiveness, live from our ego, and cannot love ourselves and others—the effect is suffering.”

    This is why it is so important to keep meditating with the tools provided within the system of Reiki so that we can become clear vehicles for our own healing and for helping others. This is already so hard in our normal daily life, to stay clear.

    We also see the rain element in the kanji of Reiki, traditionally this kanji stands for a shaman praying for rain!

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom

  7. Avatar of Denyce Peyton
  8. Avatar of seema

    Hi Sundar, you put it right an oxymoron 🙂
    I think we are very quick to conclude when problem comes why me , surrounding by self pity, self blame etc. and start thinking about all those times we begged for grace and prayers we had done. I think that time its the gratitude which can help us as we are quick in blaming circumstances , we take our blessings for granted ! our fear, worry etc. becomes painful as we take them personally . we forget its like part of evalution like sun rises sun sets , there are laws of universe , some plants grow to be trees some dies , that’s the way it is. I think same way universe unfolds inside of us and its us who resist it .Really cultivating this strength and faith in laws of universe help to open up to new possibilities . When we stay in these feelings of self blame etc. , worry fear we start to show shades of worry and rainbow is not as beautiful and clear and pure. like that prism light you were talking and we start to see shades of intolerance, ego, judgement etc. instead of open minded,balanced, accepting, calmer. Yes,  we learn in precepts – “secret of many blessings ” to be really clear as prism so when the light passes through whether it has shades of fear , worry or what not it will still be clear as the in my opinion the these set backs are just experiences of our senses and in reality it cannot affect the deepest part of us if we truly work on that. It reminds me of a quote by Rumi “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” Like Frans mentioned ,  in reality working with precepts it gives us that inner foundation, strength and wisdom to help ourselves as life will always bring lessons its not going any where it is we who needs to know how to first help ourselves and then others. I am finding more and more every day the secret blessings but then again I also feel I really don’t know anything , I don’t even know why I am doing this , well that’s all together different question now :-). wait for your concluding blog. BTW , I Love law of attraction 🙂 , it has gotten me to do some things in life that I never thought were possible !

  9. Avatar of Susan

    Beautifully stated, Sundar. You are ‘gracing’ us by your thoughtful words. Your reflection offers great clarity and support to the practice of going back and meditating on the precepts. Each of seeks and hopefully, finds the form/vehicle/practice that brings us to that experience of Presence/Void/Mystery. Where we begin, we return.  Thank you.

  10. Avatar of Sundar Kadayam

    Thank YOU Frans.  You’ve helped over these past 6 years to gain increasing levels of clarity, nudging me every so often to see things from a vantage point that has been invaluable.

    Thanks also to Denyce, Susan and Seema for your kind comments.

    Inspired by what Frans shared in the comments above, I want to share one more analogy about Grace as a “rain shower”. 

    Consider this – when there is a rain shower in a given region (a neighborhood, a village, town / city whatever), the rain falls more or less equally on all surfaces.  On rooftops, on asphalt, on concrete driveways, on barren land, in holes in the ground, on slopes, on lawns, on gardens, on people’s heads and bodies if they were out in the rain.  Each surface deals with the rain flow a bit differently. Rain water runs off the rooftops and slopes, but collects in puddles in the holes in the ground.  Rain water runs along on driveways and asphalt.  On barren land, if possible rain water sinks into the soil, eventually collecting underground. But on lawns and gardens, rain water can do something quite different – it could result in more grass growth, more plant and flower/fruit growth.  And that is because the grass and the plants and trees were open, to receive the rain water. 

    The rain shower came forth without discrimination, without taking favorites, without choosing who or what to shower on.  And yet, only some things invited the rain and experienced the magic of transformation and the production of something miraculous.

    And it appears to me that so it is, with Grace. 

    Some of us invite the rain shower of Grace into our lives some of the times, and when we do, it precipitates miracles in our experience, like the miraculous formation of buds, flowers, fruits in a plant/tree, or new grass sprouting from expectant seed from receiving the rain.  Most of us, most of the time, simply don’t invite the rain shower of Grace to enter us and move through us, as it is ever-ready to do, and the result of this … struggle, suffering. 

    In this way also, I see why Usui san says “inviting” in the precepts to refer to “inviting happiness”.  Without that invitation from us, to permit the rain shower of Grace, nothing shifts our experience of life from the mundane, the ordinary, the norm of suffering.

  11. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi Sundar,
    Interestingly Usui-san states “inviting” blessings. This means we need to learn how to be open to invite and to receive. The best way to do this is to be in a state of mind of emptiness. If a cup is empty then we can receive something, if we are not empty then it is hard to receive.

    To be empty is to let go of the label “I”. When the label of “I” is gone there is also not “you”. Which means there is no “I” who gets angry at “you”.

    So in a few words: the precepts tell us to let go of the “I” so that we can invite the blessings.

    These blessing are always there, we are just not open and empty to connect to them.

  12. Avatar of Elly

    Seema, thank you for the lovely Rumi quote! And Frans, what you say about the need to empty ourselves of “self” in order to make room to invite blessings (or grace, as Sundar calls it) in is so very true. As the shaman says in the movie “Avatar,” it is hard to add to a cup that is already full.

  13. Avatar of seema

    Thanks Elly, Rumi is one of my fav. Sufi poets, these poets have so much wisdom and one can learn so much isn’t it.
    Thank you Sundar and Frans for explaining more about receiving and grace. I also see it as, before one can be open to receive they need to be open to themselves like we say “charity begins at home”, similarly everything starts from self. Giving and receiving are aspects of universal flow of energy and when we stop or place obstacles blocking we are interfering the nature/ universe intelligence.
    Little bit more on “God fearing” and reciting and praying etc. etc. – just because one is reciting difficult Sanskrit mantra it is not going to make one anything or anyone. You can chant them your whole life and still be angry and as Frans as put it in past “I can still be “a bastard” ( or I would say a “bitch” . I feel everything is a mantra if you really feel the essence of it and that mantra can be “good “or “bad”. Reciting something that one doesn’t know the essence of it won’t get you anywhere but even if you don’t have: bookish” knowledge but you understand the simple meaning of being open and receiving you know it. Off course to know the meaning one has to understand as well but mere understanding doesn’t do it , one has to apply and have a direct experience . Receiving grace and removing “ I” and “You” is simple yet very profound and difficult and precepts gives the tools to help with that so we can be open to receive like Frans say so we need to keep emptying ourselves. I shared with Frans yesterday , how this article has so many layers, really beautiful , it has made me” rethink and rediscover” so many things.

  14. Avatar of Frans Stiene
  15. Avatar of Allison Allen

    Oh Sundar,
    Its been like a riddle and you’ve found the missing word which has opened up another mystery.
    I’ve even had the dictionary to see the many explanations of the word Grace, and it totally fits with everything you’ve said. What a wonderful explanation of the precepts. Your writings have true experience running through them, not just clever linguistics, but to write and make light bulbs go off in another person, and to have that yes, yes moment well up from inside somewhere! Brilliant.
    Unblock, expand , flow….
    Really looking forward to the next one. And by the way, I agree with Seema, you could post 55 pages for me. Really made me think, thank you Sundar
    Allison x

  16. Avatar of Allison Allen

    And Frans , your ability to sum up so much in so few words….
    I’m so pleased your my teacher !
    love and miss you Allison and of course Adam x

  17. Avatar of Sundar Kadayam

    Hi Allison,  Thank you for those very kind comments.  I’ve had a great teacher in Frans Stiene, who has never failed in evoking/generating those “yes, yes” moments in me, as my system would light up inside in recognition of another primal aspect of the truth.  I am grateful to have had that happen so often to me, thanks to Frans, and humbled to hear that what I’ve shared evokes similar feelings in you.  My cup runneth over … time to empty it, as Frans says above 🙂

  18. Avatar of seema
  19. Avatar of Joe Moon

    Hi Sundar,
    I also very much like the way you describe grace as flowing after it arrives.  If we can continue the analogy that it can be thought to be like rain, the collection of rain in puddles and then toward the streams-rivers and oceans it would appears to flow toward the lowest point.  The point where earth energy is strongest?  Okay there is gravity but gravity as we commonly understand it is a force of attraction.  In any case, is it not a wonder that the best place to begin this amazing journey is in the exploration of earth energy?  That is where all the grace collects.
    yours to a cinder…

  20. Avatar of Sundar Kadayam

    Joe, the journey is amazing indeed as you say, and rightly beginning with the exploration of earth energy.  If we are to realize our nature, and be true instruments of Grace, it seems to me that the journey has to begin with the complete embrace of and grounding in this earth-bound form, and not by trying to escape from it, as I have done before and many seekers mistakenly do.

  21. Avatar of Elly

    I so completely agree with your last comment, Sundar! “Bloom where you are planted,” the cliche says, and we are planted in the earth. Like trees, like mountains, our natural state is to rise up and be a link between earth and heaven, between heaven and earth, but unless we are firmly rooted in the earth this link can never take place. We have been blessed to live in a world of beauty and delight beyond all comprehension, a world of which we are privileged to be a part.

    For those who believe in a Creator, it is at our peril that we dismiss the rest of Creation in favor of some more ethereal realm, turning our backs on the bounty of blessings that we have received! The whole story of Lucifer is about an arrogant angel who turned his back on God Creator, and was too proud to accept the grace of forgiveness and redemption, of being welcomed back into the natural order, that God continually extended and extends to him. Instead, he separated himself from the All, deiberately cut himself off from All That Is, from grace, and fell into isolation and darkness. A cautionary tale if ever there was one! For surely the great sin—-the thing that permits all evil to be done—-is to believe ourselves separate, to place our faith in that insidious, seductive little word, “I.” In “I” there is no room for you, or the tree, or the mountain, or the rain, or heaven and earth, and there is no room for grace. Ultimately, there is no room at all, and we suffocate in the arrogance, we drown in the loneliness, of our separateness, our darkness. Would anyone really choose such a life, and such an end?

    T.S. Eliot wrote, “In my beginning is my end.” We are born upon the earth under the bright and endless sky, and at our life’s end, we return to the earth and the great sky washes over us. And from that beginning to that end, grace is boundless and infinite, as long as we remember who we truly are and are humble and open enough to see and to receive it.

  22. Avatar of Sundar Kadayam

    Elly, with that wonderful deep comment you have shared, which I agree with, you also ask, perhaps only rhetorically, ” Would anyone really choose such a life, and such an end?”.  I know what you mean.  Faced with the choice, I can’t see why someone would choose suffering. 

    But the nature of the illusion we are stuck in, is so deep, that the illusion is our reality often if not always.  I fall into this pit multiple times a day even now, and know the pain it induces in me to know that I did not choose to be in the flow of Grace all those times.  In that state, which I believe most people are stuck in,would they even know that there is a “choice”, a choice to surrender (the “I” attachment) and be in the flow of Grace, by living along the lines of the precepts from Usui san? 

    And in turn, to me, this becomes something that I need to work on, being free from the illusion completely, recognizing without exception and continually moment to moment, who I am, so that in becoming free, I might offer one more live example to others to show the existence of this “choice” to be in the flow of Grace.  And as Frans says very often, this returns to deepening my personal practice.  No shortcuts there it seems 🙂

  23. Avatar of seema

    Agree with Sundar , our illusion have deep roots and like Frans says that brings back to personal practice. It again points to the precept – “be true to your way and your being”
    I also want to add here on Grace- for most part we all have preconceived ideas, our upbringings , we tend to believe in “grace” based on our faith etc. and we are attached to that because “that” faith is personal to us but then if that is true then why we are so minimally “self-aware” if it is so personal ? I think for most of us the belief is very “physical” and “I centered” to begin with and we are ego driven our opinions are fixed like stones in cement don’t want to move. We are still prisoner of our own believes and thoughts and needs to be free of all that and that comes from regular practice. I also find myself in this battle every day thousand times a day where I catch myself in this ego centered game and then I feel the need to empty myself till the next time!

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