The Role of Complementary Medicine in Modern Cancer Care Video

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This is a presentation by Clinical Professor David Joske given at Living with Cancer: Information for General Practice – July 24 2012.

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    Frans and Bronwen, this was a wonderful video presentation.  The inclusion of the story of the surgeon who had pancreatic cancer who found Reiki to be one of his most profound and helpful experiences was remarkable.  It is so affirming for the work I do in hospice/palliative care.  Yesterday, I saw a client in a local hospital who is in our hospice and nearing death.  When I first entered her room, she responded to my voice by minimal fluttering of her eyelids.  About ten minutes into the Reiki session, her eyes opened and she began gazing around the room.  Shortly after this, her husband came into the room and gratefully said that this was the most alert she has been in two weeks.  I am blessed to do the work I do!

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    Hi Susan,
    Yes it is great to see doctors out there talking about the system of Reiki and other complementary therapies.
    Thank you for sharing your story about your client.

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