The Mirrors in Nature

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sun behind cloud

It is a cloudy, rainy fall day here. It has been this way since last night. When I woke up this morning, instead of the glorious, bright sun, I could only see a dark, gloomy, rainy and cold outside landscape.

That got me wondering.

The Sun, of course, is there, present, during the day time. Its light and heat are life giving. Even though it is approximately 92 million miles away, its presence is what enables and sustains life on earth.

And yet, despite its majesty and glory and relative permanence, all it takes is a few layers of clouds to obscure it from our view! And all it takes is some layers of rain bearing storm clouds to completely make the Sun disappear from our view, and make the landscape gray, gloomy, instead of bright, cheery. And when it is gray and gloomy for a while, as it does happen every so often, I have this strange dichotomous sensation, one is a longing for the Sun’s reappearance, and second is a wonderment about what is happening with the Sun when it isn’t seen!

I have nothing against the rain or clouds or storms. I notice and realize that they all are part of the cycle of existence on this planet, and each of those aspects plays a crucial role in the flow of life.

This relatively common occurrence opens the doors to a deeper understanding for me.

The skeptic nature in me has often wondered if the sages and realized masters are right when they say that our True Nature or Higher Self is infinite, ever present, and is indeed the great bright light! Why? In the throes of cloudy experiences of life, the inner landscape is gray, gloomy and even stormy, seemingly way more often than it is bright, cheery and lit up like the Sun is shining. And these cloudy experiences are supported mainly by the drama of the “I”. How can it be that something fluffy and ethereal as thoughts and beliefs and attachments and such – I say ethereal because I certainly cannot point at a place in me where these reside – hide the great bright light of my True Nature?

The answer is clear.

Just like small layers of clouds can hide the magnificence of the Sun quite easily, the clouds in our inner landscape, made of the thoughts, beliefs, desires, attachments, resentments, grudges, emotions and more, these clouds hide the brilliance of the great bright light. So well do these clouds of our inner landscape do this job, that it gets quite difficult to believe that there is really a great bright light within!

The sages and the realized masters tell us, that when they’ve stilled their being, and get to a place of no longer being impacted or identified with the clouds and storms of the inner landscape, they have noticed, they have realized that not only there is a great bright light inside, but that in fact, that is the unchanging, everlasting, reality, our True Nature. Like the journey from the earth to the Sun is 92 million miles long, the journey within is an equally deep one, to realize our True Nature.

On an external cloudy, rainy day like this one, if I resist the fact that it is cloudy and rainy, and get stuck to my desire for it to be sunny, I will surely experience a great deal of suffering. Why? Because each unfolding moment is unlikely to satisfy my desire, and my attachment for that desire will make it a growing problem for me. Rain, clouds, storms, these are part of the flow of life in the outside world. They will come when they will come, and leave when they will leave. I have to learn to go with the flow of it all.

Likewise, as long as we are identified with the “I”, we are bound to not only experience the inner storms of anger, fear, worry, resentments, judgment and so forth, but we are likely to be stuck to them, falsely identified with them as constituting our real nature. The consequence: Suffering. Resisting the fact that we have anger, fear etc. is no help. Why? Because they are already there. And what we resist will only persist in our experience. Just like with the outside clouds and storms and my need to go with the flow, so too is the need for me to notice the storms in the inner landscape and let them flow, let it go.

Right here, right now, the great bright light of our True Nature is here, ever present, shining in its full glory. Obscured only by the clouds of our inner landscape. What is the way to notice the great bright light? What is the way to realize that the great bright light is indeed our True Nature?

Learn to still our being. Practice the meditations, apply the many tools in the system of Reiki, follow the precepts of Usui san, so we are not so carried away by the inner storms and we get to a space of not being attached to or identified with them. Cultivate the stillness within. The harshness of the stormy inner landscape will soften. In turn, sooner or later, it will cause the inner clouds and storms to scatter, and in their wake, there will be the great bright light!

Just like the play of the Sun and the clouds and the storms in nature, I think so much of nature is set up to provide us these reflections of who we really are. Nature in its vastness, seems to mysteriously contain these mirrors, that if we notice, can bring timely reminders for us, about who we are! What other mirrors have you noticed in nature? What do they show you?

Sundar Kadayam is a Shinpiden graduate of the International House of Reiki.

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  1. Avatar of Elly

    You’re so right, Sundar, nature is a wonderful teacher, and creating space between ourselves and our emotions is the essence of wisdom in action. For myself, it’s raining here now too, and even though I appreciate the water on our land, I don’t enjoy the darkness or the water coming down on me. So I always think of our plump, happy chickens and how much they love strutting around in the rain, and of all the plants and water creatures in our water gardens and how much they love the raindrops hitting the still surface of their ponds. Nature reminds us that we’re all who we are, all here to be the best we can be, and that Usui Founder’s practices can help us become the best we can be. And you remind us too. Thank you!

  2. Avatar of Carol Burbank

    I found this poem, that reminded me of your post. It’s kind of a leap, but so lovely, if you think about completeness as the ego’s illusion, and oneness as the willingness to simply take the journey!

    Morning Nocturne
    Jill Bialosky

    I am glad today is dark. No sun. Sky
    ribboning with amorphous, complicated
    layers. I prefer cumulus on my
    morning beach run. What more can we worry
    about? Our parents are getting older
    and money is running out. The children
    are leaving, the new roof is damaged by
    rain and rot. I fear the thrashing of the sea
    in its unrest, the unforgiving cricket.
    But that’s not it. The current is rising.
    The dramas are playing out. Perhaps
    it’s better to be among these sandpipers
    with quick feet dashing out of the surf than
    a person who wishes to feel complete.

  3. Avatar of Sundar

    Elly, thank you.  I don’t like to get wet in the rain because I’m afraid of my precious hair (whatever precious little of it is left) will get all wet and drippy 🙂  I’m afraid that my precious possessions of currency notes, credit cards and id cards in my wallet will get drenched 🙂  What a whiny attitude all that really is!  In contrast, the image of plump chickens happily strutting in the rain, and plants and water creatures enjoying the falling raindrops is really Precious!  Makes we wonder what do they experience that I typically don’t! 

    Carol, that poem is fabulous.  “Parent(s) getting older”, “money running out”, “roof damaged by rain and rot”, “dramas playing out”—wow!  Very pertinent for me today!  And I wonder indeed what is that obsession within, that lies beneath the surface that seeks perfection, “wishes to feel complete”?  Who wants to feel complete?  Another mirror in nature, indeed!  Great opportunity to contemplate on this reflection!  Thanks for sharing that.

  4. Avatar of Elly

    Hi Sundar!

    I’ve made peace with my hair getting wet in the rain, after all it will dry out again. What I don’t like is sitting in drenched clothes for hours (especially freezing clothes), driving in downpours when I can’t see, fearing power outages, and etc. The thing that’s interesting about the chickens (we have six, each a different heritage breed) is that they’re totally unfazed by rain, but absolutely hate snow and huddle in their coop when it snows, whereas our huge black German shepherd, Shiloh, loves the snow, rushing around making enormous snow circles, but hates the rain. As you say, what are they thinking, what are they feeling? Carol, I love the ocean and the sandpipers. Thank you for bringing them to mind!

  5. Avatar of Allison

    Hi Sundar,

    You made me realise, yet again, by your thought provoking writings, that if it is a mirror ( nature) then, yes the clouds cover the sky and rain is falling but its ’ still ’ ie: no winds, no thunder, no rageing storms. So although i feel all this going on inside somewhere of me, like tremendous energy, If i dont lable the energy ( worry, self doubt, directionless, just call it energy ) maybe then by the mirror outside its just a case of clouded vision. And it will all pass, as it always does. The world turns, everything changes and thank god it does. Love your thoughts on something as simple yet profound as a bad hair day,’ nature’. Keep writing Sundar, so love to read your thoughts.
    Love Allison
    P.S Write a book with all these great wonderings of yours! x

  6. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi Allison,
    That is what I said to Sundar the other day when I saw him, write a book 😉

    Yes if you do not label it then there is no worry or fear, then it is just what it is.


  7. Avatar of Sundar

    Allison, thank you for your comments, insight and your encouragement.  Frans, thanks for those kind words.  For now, I am grateful for whatever flow does result in these posts 🙂

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