The History of Reiki Teleclass

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In this one and a half hour video teleclass, Frans Stiene will talk about the history of the system of Reiki.

Frans has trained with Hyakuten Inamoto and is a Komyo Reiki Kai Shihan, he has trained with Hiroshi Doi and is a Gendai Shihan, he trains with Chris Marsh, met with Mrs Yamaguchi in 2001, and trains with a Japanese priest to get an understanding of what Mikao Usui himself practiced and to find out what the system of Reiki is all about.

He is also a co-author of The Reiki Sourcebook, a researched history of the system of Reiki.

The Extras 

• You will receive a video recording for the teleclass – just in case you miss it. This is accessible at the Ki Campus.

• You will also be given access to a private forum at the Ki Campus for each video teleclass where you can discuss the teachings and Frans will provide support and often additional notes.


Calling In 

Calling in is FREE as it is via the internet. You will therefore need a computer with internet access.

Students will access these live video sessions via our student website, the Ki Campus.

We suggest logging on and calling in 5 to 10 minutes early to ensure that you know how the system works.

The system we will be using to connect with you (and you with us) is via web conferencing and it is free. What this means is that you will be able to see and hear your teacher and if you wish you can share in discussion using either chat typing, a microphone, a web camera or all three.

Logging on to the Ki Campus 

To access the Ki Campus you need to login in at

The first time that login you use your email address as your username and the words “changeme” as your password. If it is not your first time then login with your username and request a new password if you have forgotten it. It will be sent to your email address.

You can change your username and password details in “edit settings” in the left sidebar once you are logged in. Watch a video on how to login here.

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