The Gifts of a Reiki Community

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Having a Reiki community is a blessing. There is something really special about being in a room full of people who have had many direct experiences with Reiki. Our community is a place where there is belonging, deep listening and acceptance. It is a place where you can relax, be yourself, continue to let go, and laugh together. When you can practice the system of Reiki in that kind of setting, in that kind of community, many beautiful things can happen.

For the last several years I have had the honor of organizing an event called Cincinnati Reiki Day, which was started more than eight years ago by Zeynep Yilmaz and Sundar Kadayam, both incredible Reiki practitioners and dear friends. Held twice a year, the event brings Reiki practitioners from different lineages together to practice. And as we practice together, we also teach and learn from each other.

I’m forever grateful to Zeynep and Sundar for their inspiration and wisdom in starting Cincinnati Reiki Day, and for bringing International House of Reiki teacher Frans Stiene to our home town. Their wisdom and our continued actions and practices have created a harmonious Reiki community in Cincinnati.

During Cincinnati Reiki Day we practice many aspects of the system of Reiki, all of which continue to support and enrich our healing and learning. In the morning, Reiki Level III practitioners and teachers meet for chanting, Reiju, discussion and various Reiki practices. Then Levels I and II join in for potluck lunch, followed by more Reiki practices and discussions. The day ends with hands-on healing, but the healing and support go on and on.

These meetings have blossomed into other events, practice and support groups, continued connection through the year, and lifelong friendships filled with deep respect and compassion. We have become so close to each other thateach time we meet, it feels like a family gathering.

Each time we meet, I leave renewed, inspired, and most of all loved. Each time we meet, I leave feeling so grateful for our community’s ability to be open and trusting. Each time we meet, I leave feeling grateful for the massive amount of love, energy, and acceptance that flows from this community to each of its members, and beyond. 

All of those feelings stay with me long after I leave Cincinnatii Reiki Day. I also leave feeling grateful for our dear Reiki family that continues to expand. And that gratitude stays with me throughout the year.

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