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Sundar 2 Shinpiden Reiki Level III graduate of the International House of Reiki continues his pondering of the system of Reiki and its elements.

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When a practitioner is in surrender, and the recipient is in acceptance, there is no limit to what can flow forth as the blessing.

Reiju can be seen as the blessing of Presence. i.e. If a practitioner IS who he/she Really Is, the BEing of their Presence is the Reiju! And in turn, Reiki as a path / system is about enabling us to know who we are, and BE that.

The system of Reiki allows us to use many different tools and approaches, some intellectual, some energetic, some purely spiritual etc. to allow us to have many different training wheels on our journey — this is part of the sheer beauty of what Usui-san has conceived and shared. And as we proceed on our journey, you’ll notice and recognize that there is indeed a steady, stepwise progression (a “path” if you will) that is supported through the system itself. The sessions themselves are additionally bolstered by the experiences of and insights from everyone, and the energetic shifts of the group as a whole. When we combine this with consistent personal practice, the combination is explosive in the power and boost it brings to our journey to realizing our true nature. At least that is the idea :-).

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    Ponder on Sundar…Ponder on…
    I have a sense that your ponderings without form are even more explosive
    your friend,

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