Should a teacher keep secrets from students?

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Here is a thought which was discussed as a follow-up to our last Amazon blog:

Q. Should a teacher keep secrets from students?

A. We don’t see the system of Reiki as being about “secrets”. This question was started by the discussion as to whether students should have their eyes open during an attunement and if they did would they see the process and copy it.

Imagine you teach the trapeze instead of Reiki … you teach a beginner to hold onto the rope etc… and relevant safety features … at the same time the beginner watches you do some amazing somersaults. The beginner aims to be able to do that one day. However, the beginner knows that if he or she practices that now, then he/she will fall. Thus the beginner realises there are certain steps that need to be progressed through to get that point. 

In the case of attunements, we are not saying that we show students how to do them, we just don’t work along the lines of “secret”. The trapeze artist doesn’t show the beginner the nitty gritty of how to do it, but rather the results of his or her practice. The beginner wouldn’t even want to know as he or she realises, by being in the space of the teacher, that it is something that you work up to.

The “secret” is the practice!

This is what Reiki teachers need to bring across to their students through their own hard work on themselves. A student should sense that the teacher has worked on him or herself. They shouldn’t need to be told.

When you are in the space of a true Master – you know it. This is not saying that Reiki teachers are Masters mind you (good topic for next blog :-)). But we can certainly work toward that aim.

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