Shinpiden Graduates UK 2011

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Here is a photo of our lovely 2011 UK Shinpiden Reiki Level III graduates – the “Great Bright Lights”!

Thanks to Clarissa Woodcock for the photo!


Look at that cat!

Wanted to thank you again for the course in Cotswolds!
“It has clearly shown me the beauty of teaching and treatments, on top of all the direct experiences.”
Anya – Holland 

Thank you for your wonderful Shinpiden training here in the Cotswolds, UK. Fantastic to meet you and keep up the great work.
Grenville – UK

Since coming home [from the Shinpiden course], I have practiced every day and even though I have been a practitioner for 15 years, it is something of a challenge to understand the positive changes that just 7 days can bring once you have a good teacher.
Susanne – UK

This has been a very liberating and lovely experience. I have understood so much and got rid of a few more layers. My journey is continuous and I thank you for your wonderful knowledge and inspiration.
Jenny – UK

One word “Excellent”
Judith – UK

This has been the most amazing Reiki workshop I have ever been on. It has taught me the true essence of Reiki. Being part of the “Shelter Animal Reiki Association”, I can take all of my learning back to Essex, making a real difference to the animals and people I work with. Thank you so much.
Caroline – UK

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    The Great Bright Lights! How wonderful! So you are doing that musical ;-)? Thanks a lot to you two, Helen and Frans, for the wonderful Meditation Day, it was awesome! Looking forward to some great bright lighting with you in 2012. XX Stefanie

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    Life changing experience for me<3 Frans you explained everything so well that I understood everything exactly. Especially the ‘Peach Tree’ analagy, taking Reiki back to it’s purest level. It is all about commitment and perfect practice. So blessed to learn with such an amazing group of people too.  xXx

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    Frans, thank you for putting the photo on your website. I smile when I remember the lovely, supportive, compassionate and loving energy of the group. It was a wonderful 3 days (lots of energy practice and lots of fun too). You are an inspiration and my practice is already starting to deepen. So thank you Frans for being such a passionate and excellent reacher and to Helen for the use of her lovely home and garden, and to everyone else for making this a very special time in my life. Love Sandy xx

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    Hi All,
    Just arrived back home again. I am looking forward to teach in the Cotslwolds again in 2012. We will be hosting a Shinpiden course and also a Reiki Retreat!!
    Please let me know if you have some questions about the Shinpiden course or your personal practice.

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    Remembering with gratitude the Great Bright Light Teachings – Cotswolds 2011
    Thanks Frans for 4 perfect days. The meditation day was excellent preparation for the 3 day Shinpiden Workshop. Just loved your teaching methods:  patience, infectious enthusiasm, sincerity, honesty,  illustrating with metaphor, an abundance of activity, reflection and that playful humour of yours , almost impish at times.
    How apt a Dutchman, living in Australian travels to the Cotswold, UK to teach an international class of students the Japanese Art of Reiki   this constantly reminds me of the limitless appeal and potential of Reiki. We are all one and not one.
    All course content was excellent but I particularly enjoyed the focus on the Precepts and their importance within the system of Reiki. The IHOR manuals are excellent. The highlights of the course for me were understanding the importance of ‘direct experience’,  the notion there are no givers or receivers, your sound advice on practice for further development, the symbolism and experiencing a very GBL special reiju. Perfect end to 4 perfect days. Thanks to all the Cotswolds 2011 GBLs.

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    Hi Clarissa,
    For me the direct experience is one of the most important elements. We can all talk about the spiritual side of the system of Reiki till we are blue in the face but when a student has a direct experience of it, it starts to make so much more sense.

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