Shinpiden Reiki III with Frans Stiene

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Frans’ last course, before the shut down of travel due to the coronavirus, was in Cromford in the UK. Below is the feedback from the course and as you can see from the feedback you can see why Frans’ courses are so popular.

Thank you. Grazie! Merci! Gracias…i feel like i learnt the real meaning of the word…extraordinary… Thank you for such lightness and amazing weekend

The last three days will forever serve as a reminder in my heart what Reiki is all about. I have so much love for the whole group and for you sharing these profound yet simple teachings in such an accessible and kind way. Thank you for all that you do. Your dedication is remarkable. You’re a true inspiration and I am excited that this is only the beginning

Still smiling from the most beautiful weekend 🌞 thank you Frans 

Loved every moment and still feeling it all. Thanks for sharing your practise and wisdom with us all.

So very grateful to this truly beautiful human being and amazing teacher Frans Stiene for guiding me deeper into this journey of remembrance – the Reiki way. So many laughs shared at such a time when humour is something precious and medicinal, thank you Frans for the most incredible few days! The Japanese Reiki teachings are so clear, simple, rewarding, and yet so very profound. We go deeper with each visit. The gift that continues to give in infinite directions 

When your Reiki teacher training course is a place where everything finally makes sense; where you’re in a room with people filled with love and compassion and where healing can take place without judgement; you know you’re in the right place. Thank-you Frans Stiene for the most wonderful few days. This is most definitely, the beginning of the journey.

This was a wonderful weekend, with a wonderful group, and an amazing teacher. Always inspiring, always light and fun, and deep at the same time. Thank you Frans Stiene, for embodying what you preach, and for being such a great example to everyone

You are an absolute inspiration. I’d been teacherless and flying solo for a while because no-one else spoke in a way that resonated or had the depth of spiritual understanding I was looking for. But you were different. You ‘get’ Reiki and you are Reiki. And you are humble too. I took a lot from simply being in your presence and how much fun you are.

The best training course I’ve attended for a long time!
I enjoyed learning about the different types of Reiju and particularly loved practising giving and receiving Reijus.
With his vast knowledge in the field of the Japanese art of Reiki, Frans provided a sound platform for learning. With ease, Frans held a relaxed, safe and loving fun space in which it was possible for me to learn, practice and share with the other students which was thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring. I am so grateful and happy to have attended Shinpiden with Frans and am already looking forward to sitting the refresher course next year for the sheer joy of it!

I was fortunate enough to spend a long weekend with my brilliant teacher Frans Stiene for his Shinpiden course. (mystery teachings / Reiki Master level). I came across Frans books a few years ago and was drawn to his teachings. Frans was also a guest for a Reiki live meditation on IG (hopefully he will join us again 🌞) and blew me away when we chanted the Reiki principles in Japanese. It was super exciting to join him last weekend for the course. The class room was full of beautiful souls including old friends and now new friends. Frans’s teachings are filled with wisdom, humour, light, and insight. I have come away feeling inspired, with a deeper practise and love for Reiki, myself, family, friends and all living things. It hard to put into words just how wonderful the last few days have been. Thank you Frans. 

Thank you so much for your honesty, humility and generosity. You embody Reiki. It was truly a joy to receive your deep insight into the teachings and I am truly grateful.
It was wonderful to meet you and all on the course.

Thank you for a wonderful Shinpiden course. I enjoyed every minute of it.

You have a wonderful gift of teaching and making people feel at ease

I recently completed Frans’ Shinpiden Level 3 training. It’s very hard to find the words to express what a profound and meaningful experience this was. The course’s three days completely flew by and I loved every second. Not only is Frans one of the most warm, wise and hilarious people I’ve ever met, but when he talks you just know in every fibre of your being that he is revealing truths so deep that the experience you have when listening would be more accurately described as ‘awakening’ rather than ‘learning’. Frans’ teachings are, truly, the mysteries of the Universe – concepts that we instinctively know already but have slipped away from us and been forgotten in the modern world. I walked away with a completely new outlook on myself, the world, other people, Reiki and how all of these things relate to each other. I understand now, beyond the shadow of a doubt, what my regular practice must comprise and why this is absolutely vital for not just myself, but every single person I come into contact with and the world as a whole. Frans, I cannot thank you enough for your insights and generosity not just on the course but beyond – with all the ongoing support and commitment you dedicate to the wonderful Reiki community you have built.

I took my Reiki Shinpiden Level III with Frans in Cromford UK this year. I was already at Shinpiden level but I was keen on getting taught by Frans after reading a lot of his books. Some might question why I would do my Shinpiden again, but, just like when you re-read your favourite book, you discover new nuggets of knowledge and wonder. The course was over 3 days, in a picturesque location in England, which helped letting go of a lot of stresses in our lives. I was amazed by the amount of knowledge I accumulated during this time. Frans really takes Reiki back to its source, in a pure, deep and meaningful way. I am so much more connected to the Japanese lineage which resonated more with me. I would highly recommend taking the time to do a training with Frans, regardless of the level, as you will really practice and absorb the knowledge more intuitively.

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    It was truly wonderful! The most perfect timing too, this wisdom has been inspiring every day through this challenging time. There is a new dimension of compassion within me and all around me. I’m beyond grateful to have found such a wonderful teacher!! Thank you again Frans 🌞

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