Researching Hawayo Takata’s Teachings Podcast

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  • Reiki Podcast Interview “Researching Hawayo Takata’s Teachings”

Robert Fueston

Robert Fueston

Frans and Bronwen Stiene interview Robert Fueston from the USA about his research into Hawayo Takata’s teachings and those of her 22 teacher students.

Until the last couple of years there was never a great deal of scrutiny as to exactly what Hawayo Takata (1900-1980) taught. Much of this was shrouded in secrecy with people stating that the system of Reiki was an “oral teaching” and, with little understanding in the Reiki community as to what this traditionally means in Japan, the topic was mistakenly almost taboo.

Robert Fueston was not satisfied with the myths abounding about Reiki and wanted to know more about the origins of what he had been taught. He began to ask questions, attempting to contact most of the living 22 teacher students of Hawayo Takata or their family members. No-one previously had thought to do this and his research has been of enormous benefit to the Reiki community in helping it figure out exactly what Reiki is, where it came from and why it has evolved the way it has in the West. You’ll find a list of the Hawayo Takata’s teachers further down the page.

Robert talks about:

  • The teacher students of Hawayo Takata that he has studied with such as Fran Brown and John Harvey Gray.
  • The similarities and differences between what Hawayo Takata taught and what her students taught.
  • The differences in the attunements between these teachers.
  • How Mrs Takata changed the Japanese teachings of Reiki.
  • The benefits of the healing hand positions that Mrs Takata created.
  • The introduction of the chakra system (and other new elements) into the system of Reiki.
  • The published and unpublished tapes owned by John Harvey Gray of Hawayo Takata teaching.
  • How Hawayo Takata’s students reacted to her and why.
  • Fran Brown’s meeting with Hayashi Chujiro’s student, Yamaguchi Chiyoko.
  • The length and costs of Hawayo Takata’s courses. and sooooo much more.

Not to be missed!

Visit Robert Fueston’s website.

Teacher students of Mrs Takata:

Virginia Samdahl

Ethel Lombardi

John Harvey Gray

Dorothy Baba

Bethel Phaigh

Harry Kuboi

Fran Brown

Barbara McCullough

Kay Yamashita

Iris Ishikuro

Phyllis Lei Furumoto

Shinobu Saito

Barbara Weber Ray

Beth Gray

Paul Mitchell

Rick Bockner

Barbara Brown

Wanja Twan

George Araki

Patricia Ewing

Ursula Baylow

Mary McFadyen

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