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  • Reiki Podcast Interview “Reiki Inspiring Your Creativity”

Siobhan Macleod

Siobhan Macleod

Frans and Bronwen Stiene interview Siobhan McLeod an Australian artist who discovered her own levels of creativity broaden and deepen after studying Reiki.

Apart from her Reiki studies, Siobhan is well qualified to talk on this subject as she has alreayd completed a Diploma in Health Science majoring in Massage, a Degree in Writing and Journalism, a Masters in Journalism and an Honours Degree in Art.

Siobhan discusses:

  • The changes to her creative world after studying Reiki.
  • How Reiki can help creative blocks.
  • Using Reiki as a way to clear the head to allow new ideas to come through.
  • How Reiki helps you to go with flow.
  • Her new visual journal work (make sure you check out her website!) inspired by Reiki.
  • How to keep a hold of your new ideas.
  • Creativity being Sacred Play.
  • How you can begin a visual journal.
  • How meditating on the Reiki Precepts can create art.
  • Letting art speak from the heart.
  • Using art as an indication of the changes you are experiencing.
  • The freedom of hidden meaning and personalisation that visual journalling can provide in place of written journals.
  • Art helping you internalise the system of Reiki.
  • Reiki and mandalas.
  • Creating a Reiki Altar.
  • Hints for how you can bring out your inner creativity through Reiki and art.

Visit Siobhan’s website

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