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My inspiration for Reiki Women Podcasts project was the desire to provide an inclusive space for female-identified Reiki Women to discuss, in short, their present-day joys and challenges. My two co-conspirators in this adventure are Carrie Varela and Michaela Daystar. Each week the three of us sit down for a natter on big and small subjects related to being a Reiki Woman. It is freeing and fun and definitely thought-provoking.

So far we have discussed what it means to be a woman and a leader in this (and other) fields, what the future of the system may hold for us, what it means to have and give support as a Reikiwoman, what Gratitude feels like for Reiki women and simply what it means to be – you guessed it – a Reiki Woman.

And then there are the snapshots of Reiki Women from all around the world. We try to keep these to around 15 minutes and they are mini-interviews that get to the heart of each person’s story: what drew them to the system initially, their joys and challenges and how the system has impacted that. You might know some of these women and some you may not. They’re not interviewed because they’re famous but simply because each one of us has a voice that, when shared, links into a network that provides connection and support.

I love listening to women talk about their lives, it’s always surprising and there is always something to take away from it. When I look at the International House of Reiki newsletter subscribers, I see that 80% of them are women. This sounds about right to me – women of all ages and nationalities. I would like to hear the voices of these Reiki Women – what they think, how they feel, and what they’re doing.

Join your voice to the Reiki Women Podcasts project as we record snapshots and more extensive interviews with Reiki women all around the world.
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