Q: How do I Boost my Reiki?

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Hi Reiki readers,

This week we received this question on our website:

Q: “I am a Reiki III Teacher and I would like to know how I can boost my Reiki?”

A: An attunement or reiju can give you a boost by supporting you in moving forward with your practice. But if you do not continue that work yourself then you will slip back into old ways. The ‘boost’ has then become ineffective.

So, the most important aspect in boosting or developing your personal practice is to continue your own self-development work and not rely on external people or things (although they can support you as long as you are doing the work too).

A ‘boost’ from someone may also be ineffective for one person or too much for another.

Ultimately, you need to become a stronger vessel for energy to move through. This can be done through practising the meditations taught in the system of Reiki, specifically meditating on the symbols/mantras and working with hatsurei-ho. We talk about this in more details in

The Japanese Art of Reiki

Say we live in an old house with old electrical wires. If we have a lamp which has always had a 40 watt light bulb in it and we suddenly change this lamp to a 100 watt light bulb (to boost the light), what do you think would happen to the old wire? Yes, the old wire will burn through as it is unable to handle the greater flow of energy moving through it..

We are exactly the same as the above example. If we would like to have more energy flowing through us, we need to make sure that our energy system is strong enough to handle it. So we need to prepare and strengthen our energy with meditation.

Only through our own inner work can we begin to channel a greater amount of energy thus in turn giving a kind of ‘boost’ to ourselves.

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  1. Avatar of seema

    Hi Bronwen and Frans,
    Like the old wire anology 🙂
    People seem to think after “attunment” they really do not have to do anything . I think thats why we hear people saying ” my reiki is not working any more, i need to be attuned again ”

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