Teleclass | 6 Week Take your Reiki Practice to a New Level | Start 3 December 2014

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This teleclass is a set of 6 one hour classes. There are three dates in December (3, 10, 17) and three dates in January (7, 14, 21). Don ‘t worry if you can’t attend all of the classes as you will have access to recordings of each class within 24 hours of the class itself.

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This intensive teleclass is specifically designed for existing Reiki practitioners and teachers of any lineage and level to help you to take your practice to a new level of intellectual understanding and direct experience.

Excellent for current students to enable you to keep working with Frans and also great for those who have always wanted to train with the International House of Reiki.

During each teleclass you will
    •    practice meditations and techniques with other particpants
    •    receive Reiju
    •    and discuss your questions and progress.

In between the teleclasses you will practice what we have learned and have the opportunity to discuss your experiences on a special student site forum. With each class you will build upon the previous one taking your knowledge and experience deeper and deeper.

This is a unique opportunity to get yourself into a great spiritual state of mind for 2015 and start the year with a fresh outlook on life.

Frans has been guiding people for over 15 years to get the most out of your practice. Join him and rediscover your own inner potential.

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