My Reiki Journey with Frans Stiene Part 5 –  Frans comes to Cincinnati

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Right from October 2007, I had a deep desire build in me to share Frans’ teachings with all those wonderful people in Cincinnati, where I live.  Luckily for me, my friend Zeynep Yilmaz, is, among many many things, a gifted planner and organizer.  She and I joined forces to systematically build up awareness, interest, and worked with Bronwen and Frans to set up a Shinpiden training class in Cincinnati, from July 1-3, 2011.

This time, I had the joy of hanging out with Frans, as I took him around Cincinnati, a day before his official work started.  This included the privilege of having Frans over for dinner at my home with my wife and daughter.  The more I spent time with Frans, the more I realized just how much I enjoy his presence, his easy going nature, his light hearted approach to life, his explosively humor, and more.  

I had a healing session with Frans first to kick off the official part of his trip to Cincinnati, and another mind blowing journey began for me.  He offered a Reiju and nudged me on to the next step in the practice.  And by the end of this 1-hour I was buzzing all over.  A feeling of spaciousness took over inside me, where there was quite a big of solid (about 202 lbs solid) in me. Big spurts of nothingness, silence, stillness, were periodically interrupted by the regular inner and outer noise of living!  Something special had begun.

The first day of class was excellent, as I cherished yet again, the simplicity and profundity of Frans’ teaching.  Little insights came, moving me to tears.  And this happened dozens of times on the first day.  By the end of the first day, it was clear to me that giant shifts were underway.

The next two days of class brought experiences that I wasn’t intellectually ready for.  A deep DKM experience rocked me to my core!  I totally fell apart after this one, as I seemed to have taken a huge leap, and Frans took me aside to help me cope with this physically, energetically and intellectually.  

And the thing is that he wasn’t really “doing” anything to trigger this sort of experience in me in the first place.  It felt more and more like Frans was simply shifting into a state of BEing and the extraordinary experiences flowed from it.

And all this is not just about me.  Students from this class all had profound experiences and shifts.  See these heartfelt comments made by some of the students after the class:

Kim (a new student): Wow. where do I start on how amazing the Frans Stiene class was this weekend? I feel like I am starting all over again, both with my personal and professional practice.

Denyce (a new student): The class experience with Frans was amazing! A wonderful Reiki experience – beginning of a more intensive journey!

Jeff (a new student):  It was amazing, I am trying to let it sink in somehow. It was an adult dosage of energy and connection.

Tony (a resitter):  It is very magical for sure.

Julie (a resitter):  The setting, the connection of the group, Frans’ teachings, and that big bowl of Reiki soup that we shared … it couldn’t have been better. I can assure you and other Shinpiden first-timers that the experience will stick with you and continue to transform your practice in the months ahead. It’s amazing!

Linda (a new student): I am completely and fully enjoying all the changes that are occuring since Shipiden Class. Everyday is bringing new Awareness and Awakenings. Shipiden Class is a must for any Reiki Practitioner. Progress is evident and vibrant.

This sort of reaction was universal across the 25 students in that class.  That class was awesome and left a deep impact on all students.  This is my third time re-sitting this class with him and I was blown away yet again.  Why does this happen so often and to so many people who take his classes?  After all there is something odd when the class of 25 had 50% re-sitters, and some of them re-sitting it for the 3rd, 4th, 5th times!!  What is going on here?  That was a question I’ve asked myself a lot in the nearly 4 years that I’ve studied with Frans.

Intuitively I have known that this is because Frans is a living embodiment of what he’s teaching.  He may be funny, silly, easy going and all the good stuff, but the commitment to his personal practice shows.  Every time I have seen Frans, he had moved far along the path from the last time I saw him.  And increasingly, I realized that he is slipping readily into the DKM space, or the great bright light space, that he talks about so often.  Personally I know from experience that every time I slip close to that state for even a few seconds, absolutely stunning miracles can happen.  And Frans is slipping into and holding himself in that space for long stretches of time in the class and in his healing sessions.  It is not surprising to me one bit, that this is the source of all the amazing experiences people experience in his class and in his presence (the students’ / recipients’ readiness is of course a key factor too).

But is there any hard evidence for this?

Recently, Bronwen and Frans shared a video that, to me, offered a clear scientific evidence of what is happening in Frans’ presence, in his healing sessions, and his meditations.  Frans was recently tested for the state of his brainwaves as he did a hands on healing session with another person.  The results were mind-blowing!   See this earlier post — – for the video.

For me, this is amazing!  This is not just evidence of the difference I’ve personally felt in his presence, but also a strong pointer to the nature and source of all healing in the system of Reiki.

The geek in me dabbles with seeking scientific explanations for the phenomena I open-heartedly experience.  I have somewhat of a theory about what is going on here, in scientific terms.  But that has to wait for another series of 1000+ word bombs from me 🙂  

On a serious note, though, what a joy, a pleasure, a privilege, an honor, a blessing and more to have experienced all this with Frans.  And this is simply a snapshot in some sort of way point in my journey together with Frans.

I can end this series of posts only one way — with something Frans wrote in a private note to me in Nov 2007:

I am only touching the surface as well, when you meet up with some of those teachers in Japan, China or India it is just amazing to see where they are. When I met one of these monks in Japan two years ago, I realized that they are nothing special and that we all can be like that ,as we are all made up of the same universal energy.

That is someone who is true to their way and their being, and it is no wonder we are seeing glimpses of Buddhahood emerging there.

Love and many blessings to Bronwen and Frans who make this sort of experience possible for so many of us!

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    Sundar, thank you so much for sharing your experiences and also for articulating many things I have not found the words to express.  It was an amazing class and I am still delving into all the treasures it brought me!  It was an honor to be in the class with Frans, you, Zeynep and the rest of of the class!

    thank you.


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