Is Reiki Dangerous?

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Discussing the purpose and manner of attunements.

We’ve had many emails and calls over the last 2 months from students and other Reiki practitioners who are concerned about what is being taught by some people as Reiki. Some students have been told that they need to be re-wired, that their attunements are incorrect and could be dangerous and that Reiki itself is like a ‘grenade’ in the wrong hands. We know we do not need to tell you that this is incorrect. This is simply a blatant attempt to spread fear in the hope of gaining more students. Unfortunately this happens in many business fields the world over and has also crept into Reiki.

Please let us know if you have experienced anything like this and we will try to answer any questions which this may have brought up for you.


Q. What is an attunement?

An attunement is a ritual which is performed by a Reiki Teacher on a student. This ritual is an initiation into Reiki. You receive 4 attunements in a Shoden Level I course, 3 in an Okuden Level II course and 1 in a Shinpiden Level III course. These attunements allow you to channel the large amounts of Reiki energy through your body.

Q. What does an attunement do?

There have been many claims made about the effect of an attunement. It seems, in fact, to be quite simple what the attunement does but its ramifications are enormous for our lives – life changing to be exact! An attunement is a powerful clearing of the energy channels. Once your body begins to clear it’s energy lines or meridians you will be able to channel more energy through the body than previously. This means that you will naturally be stronger in your every day life and that your ability to help yourself and others will drastically increase when you practise Reiki.

Q. Is an attunement all I need to be able to practice Reiki?

No, you must also practise. Remember Reiki is about self-empowerment. The more work you do on yourself the clearer your energy channels will become and the healthier and calmer your life will be. “Attunement is just a beginning and the real ability is to develop on your own [with personal practise]” (Hiroshi Doi, Modern Reiki Method for Healing)

Q. Can an attunement be ‘wrong’, ‘bad for you’, ‘harmful’ or ‘dangerous’ ?

This is impossible. Attunements work with Reiki energy which is above our own personal desires for power over others. Therefore no one can ever come to harm with Reiki. You are a part of the energy before you even receive an attunement – and during an attunement you receive more of this beautiful, life fuelling energy. The person who receives the Reiki energy will always take the amount of energy that they need rather than what we believe they need. This means that you are always in control of what is happening with Reiki even if it is in an unconscious manner. When people begin to bring fear into Reiki then you will know that their own personal issues are involved. Remember – Reiki is the energy which makes the universe function in all its perfection.

Q. Can an attunement be ‘wiped out’ or do I ever need to be ‘re-attuned’?

Absolutely not! No matter which school of Reiki you may find yourself in, there is no right or wrong attunement. There are many roads which will lead to the same goal. Though attunements may vary from school to school they all work. It is the intent which is the motivation for the clearing not the ritual itself. As an attunement is a powerful clearing of the body’s energy lines it is impossible to be able to undo this. Each attunement which you receive takes you a step further to re-aligning yourself with the perfect function of your body, mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually. Once again, if fear is used as a method of getting students and clients then this is not the way of Reiki but the way of an individual’s ego.

Q. What is the difference between an attunement and a Reiki treatment?

A Reiki treatment is also a clearing. The intent of a treatment is different to that of an attunement.

Q. What is intent?

What you set yourself up to believe. Your intent will ensure the outcome. If your intent is to be unhappy in life be assured that this will be the outcome. If your intent is to be compassionate in life, well the choice is yours and therefore it is achievable. Intent rules every aspect of your life and sometimes we are not aware of the strength of intent we possess and use. As far as Reiki is concerned if you intend to do the Reiki, in the manner you were taught, then that is what will happen. If you intend to treat a person then that person will receive a Reiki treatment. It is important to set your intent clearly and that is why we use a ritual (attunement) to help us focus our purpose of intent.

Q. What is a Reiju?

Reiju is a Japanese form of an attunement. This particular ritual dates back to early Usui days and is basically the forerunner of an attunement. The Reiju has recently entered the Western Reiki world but has always been practiced in the traditional Japanese lineages such as the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai.

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