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Stories have a way of moving and inspiring us.  Take these tiny stories and tipples of wisdom for instance…

  • A village was stricken by a long period of drought.  One day, the villagers decided to gather in the village center and pray to God for rain.  Only one person came to the gathering with an umbrella!   This is FAITH.
  • A kid was thrown up high into the air. Instead of being terrified of the coming fall, the kid squealed in delight. The reason?  The person who threw the kid up in the air was his dad!  This is TRUST.
  • We all have the habit of setting the alarm at bedtime for waking up the next morning. Though there is no guarantee that we’ll see the next morning, alive! This is HOPE.
  • From experience, we know only too well that we cannot control what happens in the future. Yet, we all make diligent plans for the future.  This is CONFIDENCE.

With this wisdom, just for today, we can invest in our practice!

Go deeper in our FAITH and know that, we can ask from our heart and let go, and that whatever we need for our Highest Good will arrive into our experience without fail!  

Anchor in the TRUST, that when it looks like we are struggling, failing or falling, we are always in the protection of the Divine!  

Draw on the HOPE that investing in the practice today is enough, and tomorrow will come as it will, and when it does, it is with another opportunity to practice!  

Forge forward based on the CONFIDENCE that one day we too can awaken!

All it needs is to offer our diligent commitment to our practice, just for today!


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  1. Avatar of Seema sahoo

    Hi Sundar,
    Beautiful post, I love it :-).

    The word which resonant with me the most in the whole post is ” FAITH”.

    It’s a deja vu for me …

    Not kidding , I am seeing , finding from all places and everywhere…
    Yes, investing in practice is what will bring .

    We can run all over the places but unless we practice , we will not go deeper because more direct experience we have more trust, faith , confidence, wisdom , hope , etc. will come.

    We need our own wisdom mind to shine through , not something external and that comes from practice.

    Thanks again Sundar , and thank you Frans ( for everything).

  2. Avatar of Sundar

    Seema, thank you.  I just came across a quote (unfortunately without attribution, so thanks to whoever wrote this first): “Spirituality must be lived, not just studied. All the books in the world will not help us if we do not live what we learn.”  Again, its about our practice, and it always comes back to this only.

  3. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Great quote Sundar!
    Indeed without practice and embodying Reiki, our True Self it is just words.
    I often hear people say a little prayer about heaven and earth, yes they do not embody it so it is of no use in a way. The universe will only listen if we realize that we are the universe in the first place.

  4. Avatar of Seema sahoo

    Thank you Sundar and Frans,

    Yes , spirituality needs to be lived , lived in our day to day life . Otherwise we will become ” ultra spiritual ” , it’s a joke . Saw a video about that. But its true , just by saying all sorts of quotes , etc and intellectualizing them , is not enough to bring change in ourselves.

    Just few days , I came across , some saying – I am a practicing ” Buddhist “. I was reflecting on that. I can say I am practicing Hindu.

    What does that mean, to me?. I think when we sit down and practice , “object and subject ” of worship and prayer become one and same with the prayer and than we are also not different.

    I was unable to put it into words what I was feeling , after reading what you and Frans have written brought me closer to that.

    Thank you

  5. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi Seema,
    Many people say they are a practicing Buddhist, or a Christian, or a Reiki practitioner, but if it doesn’t flow into their daily life then it is just another label we put onto ourselves.

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