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    • Audio of the article “Intent” by Bronwen Stiene

I am open to receive whatever it is that I may need at this exact moment in my life.

Your Reiki Treatment by Bronwen and Frans Stiene


Intent is everything

Intent is the initial, directed thought that flickers across your mind – often before you are even consciously aware that you have begun the thinking process.

This directed thought sets a process in motion. It stimulates your energy to trigger an action. The action might be picking up a tea cup, talking to someone or beginning a personal healing process.
As an often unconscious act, intent can be vague and unclear or misdirected due to pre-set judgements and understandings that have accumulated during one’s life time. This can weaken one’s intent and the resulting process.

To work consciously with your intent and to train your intent to work for you is a part of your personal healing practice. The more you consciously work with intent the less often you will revert to unconscious patterns. You can hone this ability with the system of Reiki.

In using energy for your own healing process or for healing others you need to ensure that the base of this energy is clear. And at the very base of this energy is your intent. Once your intent is crystal clear, energy can move freely through you.

But what intent should one consciously promote when working with the healing process?

Healing intentions are most effective when there are no limitations and you give over to the flow of the universe. In this state the unlimited power of the universe can truly enter your world and affect change.

When performing hands-on-healing, for example, your intentions need to be without attachment to any specific outcome. It is in this space of Oneness that intent is pure and clear; here there is no practitioner, no client and no universal energy – just Oneness. It is in this Oneness that deep healing can occur.

Once you, consciously or unconsciously, imagine yourself or your client as separate from universal energy, pre-set judgements work their way into your intent. The following are examples of a practitioner’s pre-set judgements that can create disconnection during a treatment:

Not only practitioners, but also their clients, can support the healing process by consciously setting their intent to an open purity such as:

I am open to receive whatever it is that I may need at this exact moment in my life.

As a practitioner, it is your responsibility to effectively connect with this pure intent. You need to delve deep inside yourself using the tools that the system of Reiki provides; the meditations, symbols and mantras, precepts, hands-on-healing for yourself and the reiju. We have called these the five elements of the system of Reiki and have written of them in greater detail in this context in The Japanese Art of Reiki. So, continue to clear yourself and your intent shall also become clearer. Enjoy!

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      It is so important because then our energy and mind will stay open and thefore we have more potential for healing to take place.


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    I also listened to Bronwen and read along. My body told me the most important sentence for me. “Healing intentions are most effective when there are no limitations, and you give over to the flow of the universe.” As I work on my Reiki III retake, I am grateful.

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