Healing Event of the Year

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This will be the Healing Event of the Year.

Chant along – or just listen – as Frans chants the 4 healing Reiki mantras. Each mantra will be chanted for 20 minutes with the teleclass taking 1.5 hours in total.

EVERYONE is welcome!

If you are wanting to work at your own healing then NOW is the time. Take this opportunity to either listen or chant along as Frans opens the door to healing through the individual qualities of the Reiki mantras: focus, harmony, connection and empowerment. Each mantra prepares you for the following mantra, building in strength, while digging deeper into your layers of obstruction. Feel these layers peel away with the chanting of each mantra leaving you feeling fresh and complete at the end of the event.


  • Included is a recording of the 1.5 hours of healing mantras for you to download.
  • A forum for you to chat with other participants about your experience – and continue the learning.
  • For those of you who have never listened to the Reiki chants for healing then we will also be providing some tips prior to the event on how you can get the most out of this experience:  where to sit, how to sit, what to focus on and more.

This event comes at the end of Frans’ Symbols and Mantras teleclasses which Frans has been holding over the last couple of months (they are available for those who missed out – just ask).

Are you ready to heal?

UK (London) – 28th August, 11pm-Midnight

Australia (EST) – 29th August, 8am-9am

USA (EST) – 28th August, 6pm-7pm

EU (Berlin) – 29th August, Midnight – 1am


If you can’t attend on the day, don’t panic – everyone receives a recording of the teleclass!

We suggest signing in and calling in 5 to 10 minutes early to ensure that you know how the system works.

A Teleclass is a live, interactive class, sometimes called a conference call. Students have the chance to talk and discuss with the teacher during the call. You will be charged for the cost of call to, or within, the USA for this teleclass if you do not use the local country call-in info. Most phone companies give discounts for long distance and international calls within and to the USA. Otherwise we recommend using Skype Credit to call the number (http://www.skype.com).

There are local country call-in numbers for most countries.

You will be sent the call-in details once you have booked in but do let us know if you need more information.

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