Dr. Jeri Mills: Coming Out as a Reiki Practitioner Podcast

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  • Reiki Podcast Interview “Dr. Jeri Mills: Coming Out as a Reiki Practitioner”

Jeri Mills

Jeri Mills

Dr Jeri Mills is an American physician who, in her calling to help people, also became a Reiki practitioner.

She began working with energy a number of years ago while working in a delivery ward with young mothers. Once she learnt the system of Reiki she found her ability and confidence increased and Reiki became a natural part of her practice. She now works in an emergency ward and has found many ways to help her patients with Reiki.

Dr Mills talks about:

  • The first time she openly gave a Reiki treatment in a hospital.
  • How to best fit Reiki into the hospital environment.
  • Communicating with hospital staff and dealing with their reactions.
  • How to get doctors and nurses to accept Reiki as a valid healing practice.
  • What to say Reiki is to patients who might benefit from Reiki.
  • Using Reiki in the delivery ward, for Parkinson’s disease, and Tourette syndrome.
  • How she has managed to get Reiki into 6 hospitals in her region.
  • Her future vision for Reiki in hospitals.

Jeri Mills’ website is Tapestry of Healing.

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