Dai Komyo Teleclass August, 2013

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Ever wanted to know what the fourth and last symbol and mantra within the system of Reiki are really about? 

Join Frans Stiene in this practice-expanding one hour teleclass in which he explores the history and usage of Dai Komyo; its true meaning and purpose from a Japanese perspective.

To help you receive a direct experience of these teachings, Frans will also be guiding you through specific meditations during this teleclass. 

These teachings are not widely taught or explained and they will help you to get so much more out of the system of Reiki than you ever thought possible.

The aim of this teleclass is to help you integrate these teachings into your personal practice, your treatments and, if you’re a teacher, your classes.


UK (London) – 14th August, 11pm-Midnight

Australia (EST) – 15th August, 8am-9am

USA (EST) – 14th August, 6pm-7pm

EU (Berlin) – 15th August, Midnight – 1am

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PS – if you missed the Choku Rei and/or Sei He Ki and/or Dai Komyo teleclasses than we can still give you access to them – just let us know.

If you can’t attend on the day, don’t panic – everyone receives a recording of the teleclass!

We suggest signing in and calling in 5 to 10 minutes early to ensure that you know how the system works.

A Teleclass is a live, interactive class, sometimes called a conference call. Students have the chance to talk and discuss with the teacher during the call. You will be charged for the cost of call to, or within, the USA for this teleclass if you do not use the local country call-in info. Most phone companies give discounts for long distance and international calls within and to the USA. Otherwise we recommend using Skype Credit to call the number (http://www.skype.com). 

There are local country call-in numbers for most countries.

You will be sent the call-in details once you have booked in but do let us know if you need more information.

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