And from the Darkness Comes the Light

L. ZuercherEnglish 7 Comments

candle in dark

And from the darkness comes the Light
Into eternity my spirit collides
with past, present, and future
for there is no distinction for the enlightened.
Here, there, now
All now,
It is time to heal.
Time to breathe the breath of life
Living, sensing, knowing
that the darkness is only
dark for those unsure of the sanctity of Light.
Oneness created
Oneness purified
Oneness stands in the midst of pain and persecution.
Oneness growing as we forget about differences
and the antithesis of living.
There is no beginning, middle or end
It is and only just that.
Forgiveness, compassion, trust and love
Sitting in the midst of It All
Sharing the unique flavor of all life, of all things,
all the time.
Whether walking blindly to it or not
There is no escaping the truth
for my heart knows the Way
my mind knows the Way.
And my being –
Well my being sees the Light in the darkness.

L. Zuercher, 20 September 2012)
(IHReiki Shinpiden Student)

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  1. Avatar of Paula Michal-Johnson

    Lisa, clearly an inspired moment.  May I use this in my class in the Fall?  Teaching Shinpiden for the first time and this would be a lovely thing to pass along.  Even though they will already have seen it online.  It’s heartfelt.

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  6. Avatar of Mary Howe

    How beautiful!  A clear integration of Reiki and your other spiritual pursuit which I am sure is going well for you.  I second Paula’s request to share it with the Shinpiden class as I will be assisting her.


  7. Avatar of seema

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