A White Sheet of Paper

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What does the subject of this article have to do with the system of Reiki? Read on and find out how the two go hand in hand.

Take a piece of white paper.

If it is blank, there is the unlimited potential to draw whatever you want.

However, if there just one dot, line or word on it the possibilities become restricted.

Therefore, it is possible to see that a white piece of paper creates unlimited possibilities; complete openness with no restrictions while the sheet with the dot, line or word creates restriction.

Moving to the system of Reiki, let’s look at a hands-on healing session. Whether we are working on ourselves or others, during a session our minds need to be like that blank white sheet of paper. In fact, the more our minds are like the white sheet of paper the more possibilities there are for healing to take place; that is complete openness without any restrictions.

As soon as you hold on to a thought like “this needs to be healed”, ”this area needs more power” or “this person needs emotional/ mental healing” then you are placing a dot, a line or a word on the piece of white paper; thus, in turn, creating limited possibilities.

Thoughts get in the way of the natural flow of the energy, creating a restricted flow of energy.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be the best vehicle possible for energy to flow through?

You can!

Just step away from placing any dot, lines and words on your piece of white paper, and rest in an open space allowing the energy to flow.

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  1. Hi Frans,
    In regards to the white piece of paper and your earlier blog about Reiju, if when we “do” Reiju and label it Reiju and have the intention of “doing” Reiju haven’t we limited the possibilities and written something on the piece of paper.  Same thing with “doing” a treatment.  Then treatment is no different than Reiju.  I guess in the beginning, or for a long time, we need these labels as do the people we treat and do Reiju for, but at some point there is no Reiju, no treatment, just openness.  What do you think?

  2. Hi Scott,

    I think you are absolutely right, at one point there is just openness. The practitioner at that stage doesn’t see any difference anymore between life, a hands on healing session or a reiju/attunement/initiation.

    At this stage we might use the word reiju or hands on healing session for the client/student but in the practitioners mind there is no such distinction.

    The other day I wrote this on facebook:

    When we see the functioning of the whole universe in all of our activities we start to realize that everything we do is a spiritual blessing – reiju/attunement/initiation.

    When I look at a plant in this state of mind the plant blesses me and I bless the plant – I attune to the plant the plant attunes to me. – I have an initial experience of the essence of the plant and the plant has and initial experience of the essence of me.
    Or in other words there is no I and no plant.


  3. Hi Frans,
    Thank you for the facebook quote, I don’t have an account.  I need to start doing Reiju and treatments on plants 🙂
    It is easy to understand intellectually, but experientially is another story, back to practice.

  4. Thanks Frans

    This was my greatest struggle as starting Reiki practitioner… Giving Reiki ‘without intentions’.

    Took me some time.

    But I managed to ‘just give Reiki’. That is what I do. What the receiver /receiver’s body does with it, is not my ‘business’ to know.

    Warm greetings

      1. Hi Liesl,

        Reiki is our true self, our essence, every thing and everybody has it already. But through hands on healing or reiju we can help the client and student see what they have already in the first place.


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