Self Development

When we work on ourselves we begin to change the way we interact with the world. This is not only when we "do" Reiki but when we exist and live and "be" Reiki. This is one of the most important lessons of the system of Reiki.

  • Even if your aim in learning the system of Reiki is to help others, to do so without a sense of your own self guarantees a path of confusion.
  • You will find the International House of Reiki is unique as it focuses on providing you with direct pathways to personal healing using traditional Japanese practices and techniques.
  • In our classes you will also learn techniques that strengthen your energy.
  • We support you in no longer being susceptible to the energies around you. Instead, we teach you ways to deal with life and the challenges it throws at you.
  • We introduce you to a community of Reiki people working on the same practices.
  • And we continue your in-person training with our classes at the online Ki Campus to ensure there is a thorough understanding of what it means to work with the system of Reiki.
  • This is backed up by amazing support systems to ensure you "get it".
  • IHReiki teachers are available to continue supporting you and provide you with lots of opportunities to develop your spiritual connectedness to the world around you.
  • IHReiki is always looking for ways to enrich our students' lives in relation to self-development and we work with this at evey level of training.
  • You will be blown away by being a part of the IHReiki community!