Professional Development

Many people who work with the system of Reiki desire to help others as either professional practitioners or teachers. We strongly support both of these avenues within our training.

The founders of the International House of Reiki, Frans and Bronwen Stiene, have run a full time Reiki business working for over a decade in Europe, Asia, North America and Asia as both professional practitioners and teachers. This knowledge translates into the provision of quality professional materials for students of IHReiki.

  • Updated manuals are available for "students only" in the Student Resources section of this website. These manuals include outlines for student practice groups, class schedules, Reiki treatments detailed, attunements and reiju detailed, plus piles of research adn helpful material for you adn your clients and students.
  • Our students are given the opportunity to develop their treatment skills aided by a teacher at the student clinic.
  • Regular student practice groups are availabale for all levels of our students giving them the opportunity to continue receiving support in relation to their professional work.
  • For those completing Shinpiden Level III there is a specific Professional Stream available online at the KI Kampus which is optional and free for students to undertake to support their professional teaching.
  • Frans and Bronwen have developed Shibumi International Reiki Assocation to provide materials, support and promotion of our trained professional practitioners and teachers.