Ki Campus

The KI Campus is the International House of Reiki's e-learning online student site. At the KI Campus students find their optional post course training for Reiki Levels I, II and III. The KI Campus also provides a meeting point for those undertaking webclasses and online courses.

Who can join?

Only students of IHReiki classes have entry to the site with the password and username being provided at the time of booking the course.

What does it cost?

Basic Membership is free for students.

Benefits of the Ki Campus

  • Complete your Reiki Level I, II and III training to be the best trained Reiki practitioner around!
  • Get support from your peers
  • Keep in touch with your fellow students and share the ups and downs of your journeys together
  • Get direct support from IHReiki teachers
  • At different levels of access to the KI Campus you also receive access to ongoing training through webclasses and discussions
  • Retrieve information from your courses such as mantras and pdfs of symbols
  • Access your certificates from your completed courses at any time and print out
  • Take part in the fun aspects of the Ki Campus such as our Reiki Quizs.

Wow! That was such a thorough and comprehensive course. I had no idea I would be required to complete it before advancing to Shinpiden, but now I can absolutely see why! I would have been totally lost in November were it not for this course.
My first Reiki teacher was fantastic and much of her teachings have been echoed throughout the course, but there were also considerable gaps in my knowledge. Interestingly, my Reiki teacher told me some years after I completed Levels I and II with her, that she had retaken her Level III with the International House of Reiki and that she felt it gave her a brand new perspective on her practices. I can already feel that shift beginning to happen with me.
I have already completed my Level III (several years ago) but it was taught in just three hours and I came away feeling disappointed and unenthused because it didn't provide me with any knew teachings, insights or ways to practice. As a result, I stopped all treatment on myself and others for quite a long time as it just didn't 'feel' right.
Simply through completing the transition course and incorporating the daily meditations and self-treatments into my routine, I can already feel a lot of enthusiasm returning and I absolutely can't wait until the Shinpiden course in November!
Big thanks to Frans and Bronwen!
Tori Collins (soon to be IHReiki Shinpiden Graduate) urney.

I have studied with many teachers over a few years. A couple of them were awesome, some not so much, luckily Reiki is always good and finds its way. Yet, once I began the Ki campus lessons I was immediately infused with the amazing energy of the true essence of this healing art. The Ki campus lessons speak to you on all levels and allow you to be fully engaged and present for your experience in class with Frans. I say experience because it is so much more than just a class. The experience permeates your being and carries over beautifully into your everyday life. Ki Campus is a beautiful life changer. Engage and enjoy the journey.
With Love and Gratitude
Tammy Britton (IHReiki Shinpiden Graduate)

I've been fortunate to have studied under five different Reiki masters/teachers (including Hyakuten Inamoto and Hiroshi Doi). When I signed up for the Shinpiden course with Frans in Victoria, BC, Canada, I will be honest and admit I was initially irritated that I had to fit into my schedule the Ki Campus study prior to taking the class.
However, once I got it up and running on my computer I appreciated how straight-forward it was, informative and even fun to take the quizzes with its congratulatory notes for answering properly! Having everyone take this prior to the class brought all the students onto the same page and kept the class moving forward. When taking the classes from the two wonderful Japanese men, most of the class time was spent acquainting the participants with the history of reiki (what is known, what's been made up, what is unknown), providing a sense of Japanese culture and mindset during Usui's lifetime and comparing/contrasting Eastern and Western styles of reiki. This information is summarized in the Ki Campus course, so it seemed more class time with Frans was freed up for advanced teaching of exercises. I enjoyed the greater opportunity to experience, try and then discuss the energy work techniques. The Ki Campus is a tool I'm very grateful to have — a gift, thank you!
Patty Anne Smith (IHReiki Shinpiden Graduate)