Why study with IHReiki?

The International House of Reiki is unique for a number of very important reasons apart from QUALITY PASSION INTEGRITY Other reasons you might want to study with are

Our Roots

Officially founded in Australia by Frans and Bronwen Stiene back in 1999, IHReiki had already been running for almost 2 years in the Himalaya in India. Here, Frans and Bronwen delved deep into their personal practice, spending time on a type of sabbatical. Their understanding of energetic work grew with time as they began to understand how profound the teachings of the system of Reiki were. This was through their own energetic experiences backed up by intellectual learning. They believe that learning never ends and that passion and integrity are the foundation of creating inner freedom.

The System's Roots

In 2000 Frans and Bronwen began seriously researching the system of Reiki from its Japanese roots, travelling to Japan and eventually studying with a variety of teachers, Japanese and non-Japanese, - as well as non-Reiki teachers who were involved in Japanese esoteric practices - to find out as much as they could about the system and its roots.

The Books

Over the years they have shared their understandings and written the standard historical work The Reiki Sourcebook used by teachers with their students all over the world, as well as practical Reiki books such as The Japanese Art of Reiki and Your Reiki Treatment and more. Bronwen has also worked with Sounds True on the CDs Reiki Meditations for Self-Healing and the upcoming Reiki Relaxation; Guided Healing Meditations.

The Support

Although based in Australia, Frans and Bronwen teach all over the world. Existing Reiki teachers and beginners alike are drawn to learning about the system of Reiki from a solid Japanese background as taught by IHReiki. In 2010 Frans and Bronwen began to invite some of their teachers to work as Partner Teachers to the International House of Reiki in the hope of continuing to be able to provide high quality Reiki classes to more people in numerous countries. Today we are thrilled to be able to offer our students the opportunity to study with an IHReiki teacher in one country and while visiting another country to either join an IHReiki practice group for students only or continue studying with IHReiki. This continuance of training is so important in supporting a student's spiritual and energetic growth in the Japanese system of Reiki. Usuing advanced technology IHReiki has developed an online training system called the KI Campus where all students who complete an in-person class of either Level I, II or III receive post-course training.

The Training

You will find in our in-person courses, online post-course training, and peer and teacher support systems that there are two main areas that we focus on: We believe that the ideal method of learning is also two-fold.
  • A student needs to intellectually understand what it is he or she is doing and why.
  • Then the student needs to experience it.
To teach such a method it is required that IHReiki teachers walk their talk. They are energetically experienced and are therefore able to guide their students on an energetic path. IHReiki ensures that all teachers continue to work at their self-development utilising advanced techniques with the ongoing acceptance that life is a learning process, not something that one receives on a piece of paper.

The Branch

IHReiki teaches a branch called Usui Reiki Ryoho which basically means that they teach the method taught by the founder, Usui Mikao. IHReiki teaches this as an ever-evolving method due to the fact that as more information is recovered in relation to the traditional system through research, this is included in the teachings.

Now imagine this...

Imagine you're painting an exquisite artwork with an ornate gilt frame. This artwork is a painting of you. It’s not you as you generally see or think of yourself. It is you as you would like to imagine yourself.

What does it look like? Is your face relaxed and are your eyes calm and serene? Perhaps there’s even a twinkle in those eyes that suggests a wicked sense of humour. Your skin glows with great health and your body, no matter whatever shape or colour or size, is perfect as it is. You can feel that and nobody can take that sense of perfection away from you.

Maybe there are even wings on your back that take you flying through the sky, giving you the glorious feeling that life is amazing and boundless … and that you can do anything and everything.

We’d like to help you make that picture come true.

Now if you want to really make this painting exquisite, if it is going to represent everything that you can be, then you want to make sure of a couple of things.

You want to make sure you have the best paints for the job and the right sort of paper that will not absorb too much paint or will not lose the colour over time. First you will do your research and you will look around you for as many resources as you can gather to make this painting just right. Wow, is it going to be beautiful – are YOU going to be beautiful!

You guessed it – if you want to get the most out of a Reiki Course then you can look at it from the same perspective as creating this work of art.

There are a multitude of courses on healing and spirituality but you want the one that is going to make a difference to you. The one that lasts and doesn't fade.

International House of Reiki courses are ultimately professional, extremely well researched, down to earth, and moving. They will help your heart to open to the world that we live in.