Some people love testimonials - so for those who do enjoy reading them we've attempted to offer you a bit of a cross section of the feedback we get from our students. These responses are from our Reiki Courses as well as our practise groups, our extra workshops such as The Remembering Workshop and our products.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about anything you may read below.

Please enjoy...

This weekend I attended a four-day Reiki Meditation Retreat with Frans Stiene. It was the first such event I had been to, so, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. For the four days Frans led us in meditations, chanting, Reiki sharing and deep connection. I found the whole experience deeply healing and profoundly moving. I am truly grateful to Frans for this wonderful retreat, for the Reiki healing, the chanting, the love, and last but not least, the laughter. Frans has a lovely gentle way of leading you into a space of deep healing. - Mary Pearson, Co-founder and CEO of The British School of Meditation

Shoden was an extremely valuable. foundation building experience. So grateful for the opportunity. - Nancy, USA

A profound experience in the fundamental teaching of the system of Reiki. Thank you Frans. - Kathleen, USA

Open the way to peace within and without. - Joe, USA

Build your house on Shoden with Frans. - Tammy, USA

I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Reiki experience, Truly life changing. - Renee, USA

This was a powerful and profound experience, one not to be missed. I am grateful for the experience. - Darlene, USA

Wonderful to reconnect with the light. - Leah, USA

I got so much from the retreat… such depth and full energetic realizations. I uncovered a buried trauma that has to effect me on so many levels probably most of the time. You taught us so many tools and methods, techniques and meditations to help us heal and expand in our inner spiritual growth…. I feel like I have what I need to help support my healings in this area, as well as ALL areas. This path just keeps getting deeper and wider, yet more and more expansive. In your teachings, you take such powerful spiritual teachings that have the ability to tap into our inner essence and soul, and make them attainable to all of us with such a fun, light spirited delivery. You support us by letting us feel that depth by your being it, holding that space for us. You are incredibly inspirational and I feel very blessed to be one of your students. Thank-you for being True to your way and you're being and sharing it so fully with us! - Sarah Dailey, USA

Didn't know what to expect, but knew I had to come when the opportunity presented itself. The inner growth, warmth, and organic view of Reiki caused many things fall into place for me. I feel humbled and honoured to have met you and participated in this class. - Terry Chance, USA

WOW!!! @$%^&* - Don, USA

This retreat has been uplifting, nurturing, and challenging. So much beauty has opened in me, and I am anxious to see how things will unfold in the weeks and months to come. - Mille mercis!!, USA

Once again I am amazed at how deep the system goes and how many layers can be left behind. It is extremely hard to put in to words the gratitude I have for this retreat and the compassion that Frans shows to us all. The buddha is with the buddha. The light is shining brightly in Joy. Love is all around. - Jeff, USA

Frans was his usual awesome self!!! This retreat took me places that I did not know about myself. I am so happy I took the fun ride from NJ to be in this loving, compassionate environment. This experience has deepened my practice and made me a better person. Thank you Frans!! - Vivian, USA

Retreat was an amazing 4 days of personal healing, deepening purpose & practice, disintegrating into five elements and integrating back again thru energy exercises, chanting, meditations and hands on healing. What makes it special is Frans creating the right space for everyone to have the experience they need, and that comes from his deep compassion. Deep Gratitude! - Zeynep, USA

Form to formless, word to wordless, laughter and lightheartedness. This was a retreat filled with amazing experiences and deepening connections and opportunities to meet spiritual pilgrims. I am filled with gratitude and joy for the gift of Frans and Bronwen's teachings and dedication to the spiritual practice of Reiki. Forever thanks and blessings coming your way. - Susan, USA

Thanks, Frans and everyone, for a wonderful four days of energy and fun. On the first morning Frans said that retreat was about facilitating change. Well he was certainly right and I look forward to continuing to grow in the days ahead. - Linda, USA

Life changing experience. So grateful to the so many great people, especially our wonderful teacher, the beautiful venue, etc. Words simply do no justice. The only way to truly share my gratitude and honor my experience is to practice earnestly, honestly, everyday, and aim to embody them. I intend on doing as such. - Andrew Anders, USA

It was an incredible group.. it is so amazing to journey down the path with Frans, and everyone else, and also the new souls who join us on the way. I am still open and flying high!! I too can't wait to see what unfolds in the coming weeks/months/years! thank you Frans, for your dedication to the true roots of Reiki. - Kim McCarthy, USA

I began searching for an appropriate mediation to give during my upcoming class and primarily one I could use during the attunement.  It was then that I found you on Sounds True while searching for “Reiki Meditations.”  I bought the Reiki Meditations  and was immediately transported to an entirely new world of Reiki.  A Reiki fire was lit in me and I could not believe how true everything felt in your words and techniques.  Within a few days, I had purchased your Reiki Relaxation meditations, read Reiki Sourcebook and The Japanese Art of Reiki, and as you know, purchased your Gassho Meditation and the Reiki Techniques Cards (which I already own but unfortunately, they accidentally got packed when we put our things in storage a few months ago). I have been on your website more hours than you can imagine gobbling up all of the wonderful information over and over, sharing some links, and cutting and pasting your links to provide to my students for reference.  I began creating my  class based upon the Five Elements of Reiki using all of the techniques of hatsurei ho, joshin kokyu ho, seishin toitsu, the Japanese energetic system, kenyoku ho, etc.  I worked for 3 days straight and then last night, I was guided back to your website and signed up for the 21 Day Reiki program to really reinforce this new aspect to my practice.
I thank you and your husband, from the bottom of my heart, for all of your work and dedication devoted to the original practice of Reiki, and I wanted you to know how transformative my experience has been in finding your material and now I finally feel a true connection and resonance with my inner knowing of Reiki.  I can’t wait to spread this traditional form of Reiki to others and know that it is as true to Usui’s teachings and visions we can hope.  I am so very grateful for this template you are providing and I am so excited about what Reiki has in store for me.
Angela, USA

I have met in the past a number of Reiki teachers, practitioners and energy light workers and have never felt anyone able to integrate the essence of Reiki so beautifully as Frans Stiene. It shows in his hard work and personal practice that he does and be an example for his students. It doesn’t matter where you are in your practice in Reiki or any other field for that matter you will always learn from him. Frans teachings are profoundly moving, healing and fun. If you follow his teachings and work on your practice, the person who has never sweated in years will sweat, by that I mean no matter how good, knowledgeable, strong you think you are he can still push you further to know your inner potential and it doesn’t stop there, your learning will not stop with a 3 day class with him, the individualized support he provides is beyond compare. His teachings are energizing and will connect to your “self” with a capital “S”. If I say taking a class with him will connect you to your mind, body and heart, helping you to move, express and dance with the power of integrating all 3 of them won’t be wrong. Frans teaches you to dance with the journey of life. (I don’t know how to dance physically , still I feel I am dancing). He will move you through emotions like fears, anger, worry, compassion and Great light (Reiki Precepts), internally and externally, bringing you into a space of complete celebration and reverence for the Divine pulse that flows through all creation... just the way it is meant to be in original traditional system of Reiki. Don't miss Frans Stiene's depth, dynamism, and magical inspirational teachings. He is a magician!
Seema Sahoo, USA

Thank you Frans, for the beautiful Teleclass on Thursday and for all the quotes following it! I've started experiencing a state of mind that felt so familiar, but yet seemed unreachable in the past. I loved the meditation and have been doing it every day since the Teleclass.It gives me a deep sense of emotional peacefulness..I felt so light after the first meditation,as if there was a heavy weight lifted from my shoulders.
Thank you also to Bronwyn for the support, hard work, and energy to make all of this possible.
Rita, USA

I had to share and thank you for your the meditation CD. The day it arrived I put it the car and that afternoon I was working with a special needs adult with ADD. She was becoming increasingly anxious and upset.  I put on the CD and when she heard your voice she calmed down. We continued together to do the breathing into the hara while I was driving and it was amazing, we both were feeling balanced and relaxed. 
Carrie, USA

Incredibly powerful class. Frans is an outstanding teacher. Thank-you very much.
Kim Akey

This class has more than met my expectations! I'm looking forward to coming back.
Tracey Weidner

This class is one that you cannot miss. It is fun and transformative. Thank you for such an amazing opportunity.
Maria HS

Third time's the charm. Having followed Frans and his methods and teachings for a number of years, I've appreciated the immense growth in my life let alone my Reiki practice (as if there is really any difference). Still, I feel this year's Shinpiden course was in many ways the most beneficial and transformative yet. It's as if each year's work corresponds to yet another step/level/precept. All in all, it's all a great ^_^.
Andrew Anders

Every time I think I have a grasp on reiki I become surprised how much deeper I can go with this class. There seems to be no end to to the depth of Frans depth of spirit and the way he explains it makes more sense each year. I love this class and my special spiritual teacher.
Jeff Emerson

I got just what I needed. 
Jimmy Wehmeyer

No words to describe this class… except wonderful.
Barb L.

Frans, you are an Incredibly Wonderful teacher... you make such deep teachings attainable... and fun. You have helped me truly deepen my practice. I look forward to continually practicing and growing. Thank-you So Very Much!
Sarah D.

Frans and the Shinpiden class are absolutely phenomenal. If you have an interest in furthering your knowledge and growth within the system you could not make a better investment. You will experience Reiki in it's purest form. The way it was intended to be practiced. If you give yourself this gift it will impact you positively in all areas of your life. Frans and Bronwen are supportive at all times. It is inspiring to be able to learn from two people that are so passionate about this healing art.
Tammy Britton, Los Angeles

After reading The Japanese Art of Reiki by Bronwen and Frans Stiene in 2005, my Reiki practice changed completely. It was what I felt was missing from the Western style of Reiki that I was "initiated" into in 1994. Even though I utilized other resources from the International House of Reiki over the years, I longed to attend the Shinpiden Level III course. This February I was finally able to attend the course taught by Frans Stiene in Los Angeles. It was exactly the kind of course I dreamed it would be: Not a reiteration of the IHR books, but rather a modeling of the five elements in the spontaneous laboratory of the classroom setting. It was clear that Frans practices and lives the Reiki elements. The reiju Frans shared were amazing to say the least. I left the three-day training, not only with new friends and attunement within the IHR Usui Reiki Ryoho lineage, but also inspired to deepen my own commitment to the Reiki spiritual path through the practices Frans taught. I am very grateful because that's exactly what I wanted!
Patsy Fine, Los Angeles

Thank you so much for offering the Five Elements Teleclass and sharing you knowledge and wisdom with us. You opened a door to a deeper way of practice and being for me and have forever changed how I will experience life. Thanks for all that you do.
Emma Duvefelt, USA

This training certainly went above and beyond what I had expected! I joined with the intention of learning the pure Japanese style of Reiki so that I can be part in continuing this tradition and share it with students and clients. As soon as I signed up I felt the energetic connection to a powerful lineage as well as continuous support from Frans, Bronwen, and the people in the Ki Campus. What I didn't know was the level of inner transformation I would experience and how profound the connection would be with the group. Frans shared his amazing wisdom that he has gathered along the years.  It is impressive how much knowledge he has acquired and it truly shows his passion for Reiki. Surprisingly, he is hilariously funny, so we had great laughs all the weekend. We became a powerful family in just a couple of days and I am forever grateful, seeing the blessing unfolding in my new Reiki path.
Victoria Vives Khuong, Founder of Reiki Wellbeing

Shinpiden went above and beyond what I had expected. Wonderful training!
Victoria, Los Angeles

As always, the teaching is profound, the growth exponential, and the possibilities limitless.  I am grateful to have you as a teacher and to be supported by Bronwen and IHReiki. 
Dr. Joan McAndrew, Canada

I 'got' some things this time around about non duality that I just hadn't landed in before... it's such a deep deep honour to be privilege to the mystery teachings - I am struck by how this potentially translates to every part of my life.. with much gratitude, dear Frans...
Yvonne, Canada

Frans embodies the System of Reiki when he teaches, when he practises, when he shares. I haven't encountered many teachers who do this in such an exemplary way - it's a pleasure and an honour to be in his presence and his classes.
Walter Keoki Quan, Canada
(the Reiki book guy)

This has been one of most profound, intimate and personal experiences, and at the same time shared and integrated. I have enjoyed the sharing, the trust and the connectedness that developed during the weekend. It has been privilege and an honour to be in this experience with Frans and the wonderful people in the group.
Arijana, Canada

Wonderful....energising....peaceful.....funny.....deepening...spiritual....connecting.Frans is all of above and much more. His teaching and knowledge is second to none. He brings such depth and understanding to his courses which inspires and nurtures his students. The group connected to each other from day one and I came away with new friends and fresh ideas to teach my own students.
Jenny - UK

What a wonderful weekend in the Cotswolds. The group was fantastic to be with and each and everyone gave me more insight into the system of Reiki and I thank them all very much for making the weekend so special. Having Frans as a teacher is a blessing. And to receive an attunement from him was one of the most special moments in my life. It has to be experienced, words cannot justify. His way of teaching is a wonderful experience. I take on my journey more insight, more understanding, every question was answered and now my practice has become deeper than ever before. What a wonderful journey, so far.
Allison - UK

First of all, thank you again for your wonderful Shinpiden course, your wisdom and your kindness. I just had to let you know that just as it dawned on me with my meditation that it was about being and not about doing, I have realised that I am Reiki and that my life is Reiki practice. I know that this is just the beginning and am thankful for the strength and guidance that this knowledge brings me and for the paths that now become open to me. Words really can't express my gratitude to you and Helen and all the other lovely students with whom I have been privileged to share this beautiful Reiki.
Candy - UK

This weekend has opened my eyes to the true system of Reiki. We had a fantastic time and met some wonderful people. Frans is indeed a fantastic teacher, patient and thorough. It is as if the door is now fully open and its time to step through and begin the real journey. I hope everyone else experienced it like I did and felt the power that can be achieved by simply opening up more, the precepts, those simple words of wisdom and the freedom of mind they give. Evolution is now in sight and I hope we all reach that higher level of love and compassion as we continue on through our training. Peace and love to all and I hope you all benefit as much as I have. 
Adam - UK

Thank you for helping the scales fall from my eyes - for helping me realize that boundaries are passing illusions and that the dance of the energy is the dance of the universe and the universe is truly within us. I am so grateful that you are my teacher. With love and respect.
Kris - USA

I just wanted to say what a transformative and enlightening weekend.  I was very honored to be a part of it.  It was very refreshing to meet so many wonderful people on the same path.  I also would especially like to thank, Frans, Zeynep and Sundar for all the hard work that they did to make it such a wonderful experience.
Lisa - USA

There's a depth to your presentation of teachings that is refreshing in its mystery.
Naz - USA

I'm still processing the wonderful weekend. wow.. 
I don't have simple words to share what it meant to me (may be Gratitude), but I can share my notes:

Reiki is the essence of our true nature
Reiki as a sytem, is full and comprehensive, and has all the tools to make us recognize our true nature. The symbols, the Precepts, DKM space, they all point the same thing: our true nature.
It's about form and no-form, not to "do" but to "be".
Pre-requisites: openess, non-attachment (during the hands on treatment and during "every aspect of the life").
Creating a solid foundation can bring expansiveness 
Let go of labels, embrace the opposites, positive and the negative. 
Filter everything from precepts, all day, every day. The feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions,on how we relate to others. So simple.
Act from DKM space: No judgement, no attachment.Pure openness and let it happen.
Thank you everyone who made this weekend possible by sharing your love, your experiences, your being. 
Thanks to Frans for being who he is and sharing with us unconditionally.
There will be another Shinpiden next year (timing TBD) and (possibly) a Retreat in 2014. 
Zeynep - USA

You are an amazing teacher. The classes are instructive but great fun as well.
Barb - USA

Thanks for your help connecting with the universe.
Nancy - USA

Thanks for being you and allowing me to be me. Thanks for sitting in the nothingness that is all with me and being the best teacher I ever had.
Jeff - USA

I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate you coming and working with us. It means the world.
Linda - USA

Gratitude to you for your guidance in the practical approach to the system of Reiki as a life long spiritual journey. 
This is my second year and I feel a continued deepening of my understanding and connection to spiritual energy and my spiritual path.
Denyce - USA

Words can't express the thank you for giving me guidance and means to further my spiritual path, thank you for all the questions answered.
Lee - USA

Thank you for everything. Also thank you for the guidance you have given me for my son.
Anita - USA

Thank you for your wisdom.
Don - USA

Thanks again, for clarity and all the great grounding during the treatments before the class.
The clarification and reinforcement is so helpful and to continue to seriously practice.
Thanks for an amazing weekend of spiritual blessings, laughter and wisdom.
Linda - USA

Thank you so much for creating the space so clearly presenting the tools and holding the space for me to grow so deeply.
I have truly experienced such wonderful openness that I have never felt before, and so much more. I learn and experience so much each time I take the class.
Sarah - USA

Thank you for another wonderful weekend at Grailville. I took your class last year and I enjoyed this class even more. You are a great teacher and you make Reiki practices very simple and fun, please come back!
Rosemary - USA

Thank you, Frans for a second wonderful  Shinpiden weekend. Your teachings are so on target and straight forward and profound. Your energy so enlivening,  your style so joyful and fun.  Your spirit so generous  and  accepting. I am already looking forward to your return to Cincinnati.
Linda - USA

I wanted to send a note of gratitude for your teaching and giving of
your spirit in the Cincinnati Reiki classes.
This week has been a remarkable one with many insights coming into play.
Shelley - USA

As everyone has said this weekend was a mind-blowing experience for me… I need a few more of those to get me out of myself and into my true being. 
Support is so crucial to maintaining one's path. 
I thank you for who you are and that our paths have crossed. 
Margaret Bates - Canada

Thank you Frans for being an amazing teacher full of grace and humour as well as miracle and joy. I feel very blessed and lovingly held as your student.
This weekend, these experiences and these teachings, I will never forget.
Yin - Canada

What a wonderful experience!
You are a natural teacher, everything flows and the pace is relaxed, yet we do so much work!
Thank you for bringing me back to my spirit and showing me a wonderous example of living in truth with your way.
Dr. Neil McKinney - Canada

My dear friend and teacher Frans, 
You always amaze! The way you live your spiritual practice is a model we all benifit from.
Many thanks again and again!
Lynda McKinney - Canada

Thank you so much for coming to Victoria BC. As last year, I am blown away by the quality of your teachings, by your grace. You really walk the walk and talk the talk. As you grow spiritually, so have I. I am so grateful to have you as a teacher, a spiritual guide and a friend.
I have learned so much in your workshop that I can hardly expresss how I feel. However if I have to exeprss it the best I can, I will say; I am blessed to have you as my teacher. Seeing how you've grown in your practice and with your encourgament I know that I can do the same and be a good teacher. Thank you so much.
Prescilla - Canada

Thank you so much for the class. It was amazing and life changing. I truly believe my life will never be the same, ( that's a good thing!!!)
Kerri Draper - USA

I wanted to write and thank you for a wonderful workshop. I'm still floating in the energy and good feelings. I feel like the missing puzzle pieces came together for me and I'm very pleased. I love your simplicity and depth of wisdom and that you share so much of yourself with your students.
Lea Alexander - USA

It was an honor and a pleasure to spend time with you.
Tammy Britton - USA

Wow, I really don't know what to say. I am so blessed to have you as my teacher. My practice has deepened and I am feeling more balanced. What a gift you bring!
Lynda Barbaccia -USA

Most of my life I've been searching for something to fill the void I felt inside. I never knew it was in myself completely. I am experiencing an inner peace that I have never felt before. Practicing Reiki is something I will always do it. It's amazing how I have notice a different around me they seem calmer or maybe its that I feel so peaceful. Thanks once again you guided me to the light I needed. Lorelle - Australia

Thank you for making the light brighter!
Patricia - USA

Thank you for coming to Chattanooga and sharing your wonderful bright light with us.  Patty - USA

I am so grateful that you are my teacher. Carrie - USA

Learning becomes teaching
Teaching becomes learning
Blessing to you for sharing
I have expanded more. 
Eva - USA

I continue to be amazed by your simplicity teaching form, I love it!
And Reiki has been so much better without all the dogma and crap that I have learned over the years.  Don- USA

I feel such gratitude for the time spent with you. You have answered many of my questions without me even asking them.
You have given me encouragement for my journey and I look forward to future teachings from you. 
Lee - USA

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. Your bright light enlightens all you encounter. 
Margaret - USA

Thank you for an amazing class - and for your deep authenticity.
This class was exactly what I needed to reconnect with my practice and path.
Thank you for the teachings and being you.
Alta - USA

This is the third time I have attended Shinpiden, each time is wondrous and different from the other times.
Thank you with love.
Reva - USA

Thank you so much for your wonderful teaching and for helping me see my Reiki practice with new eyes.
I am looking forward to putting into practice what I am learning and sharing these gifts to my clients and students.
I feel blessed to be a part of your Reiki family.
Sharon - USA

What a fabulous three days it has been. We laughed, meditated, learned and most of all we shared with each other. I am so very thankful to have been a part of this beautiful experience. Thank you Frans and all the others who shared this experience with me."
Mariann Smith - USA

The class was just what I thought it would be and more. For years I had wanted to study with you and am very happy I did...you are a wonderful teacher.
Laura - USA

I want to tell you that it was a wonderful weekend and teachings that I really feel aligned with and that will bring change in my way of presenting myself professionally. Cristina - Canada

Since coming home [from the Shinpiden course], I have practiced every day and even though I have been a practitioner for 15 years, it is something of a challenge to understand the positive changes that just 7 days can bring once you have a good teacher. Susanne - UK

This has been a very liberating and lovely experience. I have understood so much and got rid of a few more layers. My journey is continuous and I thank you for your wonderful knowledge and inspiration. Jenny - UK

One word Excellent. Judith - UK

This has been the most amazing Reiki workshop I have ever been on. It has taught me the true essence of Reiki. Being part of the "Shelter Animal Reiki Association", I can take all of my learning back to Essex, making a real difference to the animals and people I work with. Thank you so much.
Caroline - UK

Thank you for your wonderful Shinpiden training here in the Cotswolds, UK. Fantastic to meet you and keep up the great work.
Grenville - UK

Well the retreat if officially over. As I wait for my ride to take me away from the retreat center, I thought this would be an excellent time to collect some thoughts about the retreat and share them with you. Since all of you have been through a Frans workshop you know how "challenging" it can be to express what happened.
It's hard to believe I've been gone for nearly a week and just did 4 days of intensive work. Seems like the retreat just got started and then it was over.
The retreat is a VERY different animal than a shinpiden course. I feel like a little contrast is in order because this shows a "whole" new side to Frans as well as whats possible with Reiki.
It seems to me (at least the two times I've taken a shinpiden course) that the energy is very focused. It's all about being immersed into a direct experience of the DKM.
Of course, that "experience" is partnered with various techniques like learning attunements, or reiju etc. So while, it is quite exceptionally deep and profound its more like an introduction, a new beginning into a lifelong love affair with "the great white light". That experience can be healing and it hugely transformative.
Now this retreat was everything like that and nothing like that all at the same time.
At this retreat the focus if there was one was about moving beyond ones illusions and stripping away the layers of "rubbish" hiding your light. There was a great feeling of connectedness to both the people here and the land itself. This was done with intention right at the beginning. What a nice way to start a retreat.
Tony - USA

When the earth shifts it is best that you are sitting down. Joan - Canada

So simple and profound and always unexpected as the layers peal away. Thank you Frans it has been a blast!! Bette - USA

I am empty, and yet I am filled completely. 
I am alone, and yet I am a part of everything.
I am nothing, and yet I am all that is. Christine - USA

Thank you for providing one awesome experience after another. I feel so blessed to have met a teacher like you. My Reiki light is expanding and look forward to the next retreat. Linda - USA

Thank you so, so, so much for the lovely 4 days. My life has been changed for better. Olivia - USA

It was a wonderful retreat - a powerful Reiki beginning for me. Thank you!

Thank you Frans, for your wisdom, your knowledge and playfulness. I leave this retreat today with a heart full of love and compassion. Monique - USA

Since the Cincinnati course, my practice has both grown tremendously and become much more focused - and it's only been about a month and a half! Being able to make some sense of what I'm experiencing and share the benefit of it with others is so...welcome? powerful? beautiful? Regardless, I am thankful and grateful. I am equally more confident, curious, and humble about my practice, now more than ever. Andrew Anders

I have had many initiations from Zen to the Freemasons but none has taken me to where this weekend has. I always knew Reiki was a spiritual path, I feel I am on that path. Jeff Emerson - USA

Thank you isn't sufficient. Julie Keefe - USA

Your class has been even more than I hoped for. Linda Chruch - USA

There was a deep yearning in my heart for this information. I was not aware that all this was related to my Reiki practice. Linda Suter - USA

Thank you so much for a wonderful and enlightened weekend. I look forward to our next meeting! I will be practicing! Barbara Rubin - USA

Your confirmation of allowing my energy to be expanded all the time was your gift to me. To continue on my path and know to trust my intuition in my life's journey. Thank you for touching my life. Dr Pamela Fischer - USA

You are an amazing Reiki teacher. I feel that I have learned new things and i feel that I have new energy. Rosemary Gauck - USA

You have answered many questions - some I didn't even know I had - you have given me reason to continue to go deeper into my practice. Linda Neff - USA

You've filled in all the spiritual gaps, and have given me some lofty goals to reach. Kim Lunay - USA

Reiki is much better without all the complicated BS. Don Pack - USA

Thank you very much for everything you have done for me and guiding me to continue the journey in your guidance. Mira Shukla - USA

You are an inspiration to me. Sundar Kadayam - USA

Your style of teaching is so much fun, while being incredibly deep and serious, making it easier to open up and fully experience your teachings. Sarah Dailey – USA

I just wanted to thank you for your teachings and your bright, happy spirit. The Reiki III class in April was so amazing and has had a profound effect on my daily experience of life.
Focusing on the precepts... and the symbols... and the mantras, meditating, practicing the attunements, walking outside and feeling so connected, viewing each person that I interact with as Source and the Great Bright Light, breathing and expanding, breathing and widening back.... Each moment is so very wonderful. so peaceful, so joyful. Cristi - USA

Frans - You are simply amazing - so enjoyed the last three days. Marina - USA

Thank you for all you do, I will remember, remember to stay connected. Kristy - USA

I can not thank you enough or express my gratitude in words.The moments I spend with you and the words that are spoken by you are life changing for me.I am truly grateful for having you on my journey through life here on earth. Until next time, and there will be a next time for a lifetime. Jenny - USA

Hello Frans, I just wanted to send you a big "thank you" for another incredible weekend. I had so many breakthroughs and realizations. It always amazes me. I am still in Reiki bliss. I look forward to seeing you in October. Lynda Barbaccia - Author, Speaker

I cannot begin to tell you how this past weekend has changed me, and kind of quickly too. I guess I needed a slipper to the head. When I first learned about Reiki it was from a western perspective. It was all about helping myself and others, but none of the internal work that it takes to really "get" there, to the place where one can help. And even though the various exercises were mentioned it was sort of glossed over. I see much clearer now. It all feels so much better.
Incredible weekend. So much to contemplate. Thank you Frans for sharing your knowledge and insights. Kathi Richards - USA

You were most gracious to do a healing at CSE (Centre of Spiritual Enlightenment), I cannot tell you what a huge impact that made on so many. You have a special gift few ever see in the course of a lifetime, to witness such as your healing heals. So many people have talked about what they saw, what they experienced as they watched you heal. Deborah Harrigan - Intuitive Consultant and Medium - USA

Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity. I feel truly blessed, humbled and honored to be here with you.
Thank you for showing me a true, simple and great way!
Titi Escolante - El Salvador

What a wonderful experience!! This has proved that I made the right choice. I am looking forward to continue my journey.
Mike K - USA

You have covered all the things missing in my first Reiki class.
Patt Spellman - USA

You appeared at just the right time in my life, thank you.
Celia Im - USA

Each day of this course has been the best of my life and the next even better. Your light ignites and re-ignites many candles.
Never stop failing, that flame, you cannot - you are the flame.
Chesleigh Jonker - Intuitive and medium - USA

To be one in spirit is to be one with all and I say thank you.
Along my journey I have found much, learned much and have let go of much. 
As a life long student I bring all of me to this journey and this training, you, all of you, helped me to continue and to know how much I love and need to continue.
Lisa Zuercher - USA

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience and for sharing your spirit (and humor) with us.
This is the perfect next step for me and I am thrilled with the clarity and spiritual re connection I have received. 
Love to you and with awesome appreciation.
Cristi Cook - USA

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cannot ever put into words how much this has helped me. I am forever grateful, you have a wonderful gift!
Laura Mangoba - USA

Another superb class of extraordinary leadership in healing and opening to heightened spiritual consciousness.
I knew this would be our best class ever; each class brings its own gifts, each one to be treasured. 
Thanks for sharing the journey.
Deborah Harrigan - USA

Frans has the mastery of simplicity and practicality to deliver the traditional Japanese system of Reiki.
Dr Sydney Okojie - South Africa

Thank you for returning to this area again. Each year has changed my life, allowing me to go deeper with my own spiritual practice as well as being able to connect to and support my own students that is in alignment with my path and my being. As I do the practices that you teach my life continues to change on every level.
It is an honor to watch and experience each student as they change not only spiritually but physically, a softening, knowing that they will leave
here and go back home bringing their light to the world. Thank you for the many blessings and gifts.
Janet Dobbs - Animal Communicator USAYou not only taught me more about Reiki, you guided me to become One with the energy.
Kevin Raustad, USA

What an "un"-listening experience! Removing the layers of moss that have grown over the tradition, you show us that we have always been sitting on a precious jewel.
Trish Edwards, USA

I would like to share how blessed I am to have received Reiki Shinpiden/Master Teachings from Frans of the International House of Reiki, several times, and the teachings are so absolutely powerfully amazing and enlightening. Frans is an amazing teacher dedicated for mamy years to rediscovering and sharing the Ancient Way and original path of Japanese Reiki.I am so honoured Frans is my teacher and I continue to learn so many many amazing Reiki techniques and skills and Reiki history gifts from him. I have been personally initiated as a Reiki Teacher in 4 different Reiki Modalities since 1999, and I take fellow Reiki students and Masters on Sacred Pilgrimage Journeys to Kyoto, Japan, so have been involved in Reiki for a long time with great dedication. Reiki truly has become the Way of Life that I Love and could only have dreamed of.Yet the depth and quality and honesty of Frans and how he shares Reiki all over the world, truly inspires and amazes me. I adore his style of teaching and how he willingly and professionally shares all his ongoing Reiki discoveries with us all.He also brings great love and joy, and his wicked/fun sense of humour into the teachings. Indeed an awesome experience to be in his Divine Presence.I lived for 3 years in Japan researching the roots of Reiki, while also teaching Reiki students, and experienced priceless gifts, a dream come true.... Yet Frans' wondrous ways of sharing the truth of Reiki, continue to take me, and fellow students deeper and deeper into my/our personal practice, and continues to keep unfolding in miraculous ways.
Thank you dear Frans for All you do for us in the Reiki World...
Catherine Harvey/Whitewolf, Canada

Profound, deep, joyful!
Elaine Nieberding, USA

Thank you for your teaching and guidance so far, I am always amazed at the simplistic profoundness of your words. Never have I been confused, I have only been left with greater clarity and understanding.
Alex Mrnk, Australia

This has been such a beautiful experience. I now see the system of Reiki as it was meant to be. Words cannot express my gratitude.
Candice, USA

Your course was so much more than I anticipated.
Mary Jo Waters, USA

Nothing will ever be the same! 
Olga Rasmussen, USA

Just let me repeat myself,that the course was a wonderful experience for me and I am sure I will be able with practice to sustain this experience through out my whole life and be able to share it with all beings that I know and meet on my future path. Thank you. 
Gosia Rutkowska, Australia

You've opened up a whole new world for me. Even after 10 year of Reiki practice. Your presentation is clear and your demeanor almost Holy.
Ardrea Burrell, USA

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, It is your guidance that will lead me, as I knew it would.
Heather Emminger, USA

I am still pain-free and with a greater sense of peace for what the future holds.
Patrick Ftizgerald, Australia

This was life-changing - I had no concept of how much further and deeper I could take my personal spiritual path - you have a shone a light into the distance for as far as I choose to continue.
Ariel, USA

Thanks again for an incredible weekend. It was truly life changing and I look forward to more life changes as I move forward. Last year you gave me the seeds for my garden and this year I feel you gave me fertilizer. Thanks for lighting the way! I look forward to the year ahead for myself and my students! 
Leah D'Ambrosio - Reiki Teacher and Director of SARA - nonprofit organization Shelter Animal Reiki Association - California - USA

Many, many thanks, Frans, for such a wonderful class. It definitely exceeded all my expectations. The class not only answered all the questions I came with, it answered questions I didn't even know I had. I feel I am at the beginning of what I know will be a wonderful journey. 
Jenny Sill-Holeman - Reiki Teacher and Ordained Interfaith Minister - California - USA

Thank you Frans for an awakening weekend. I am so grateful that Kathleen encouraged me in a loving way/space to come for these four profound days. Thank you for an amazing and transformational and awakening weekend. I am so grateful for all that you have shared with us. You are a blessing in my life. Until we meet again.
Marina James -Galvin - Personal Trainer & Nutrition Consultant - California - USA

Frans, You are truly an extraordinary human being, what an incredible gift from teh universe to have you step into my life. Thank you for myself, for the animals and also for "Baby Earth" because you are having a profound impact on her through every individual that you teach.
Marylou Laughlin - Photographer and Vice President of the International Parachuting Commission - USA

Thank you so much Frans for your teachings. Profound, truth, wisdom, humour, so appreciated. I am forever changed
Judy Shanley - Reiki Teacher - Victoria - Canada

Thank you, Frans, for opening me to the true depth and breath of the system of Reiki. I am humbled by its expansiveness. I am eager to embark upon my life long journey through Reiki into wholeness. 
Carrie Higdon - Reiki Teacher and Animal healer - Tennessee - USA

This was not a course or workshop but a spiritual journey and awakening.
Marcy Schaal - Founder of the nonprofit organization SaveABunny - California - USA

We have been put here on Earth to learn and what a true blessing it is to have you as my teacher this past weekend in beautiful San Rafael.
Thank you for teaching me to be open to whatever I am intended to receive and in the gained confidence in knowing right where I am supposed to be.
Until next time.
Jen Johnson - Reiki Teacher - USA

After re-sitting Shinpiden level III a year later it has opened more doors of possibilities in my life and my practice. Thank you Frans! I will see you next year!
Lynda McKinney - Naturopathic Clinic Manager and Reiki Teacher - BC - Canada

Thank you for a wonderful 4 days. I had so many Aha moments and you brought so much depth on what Reiki is in so many ways.
Melissa Chee - California - USA

What a wonderful and powerful connection. Thank you for your wisdom and generosity of spirit. I've come away from these three days with so much more then I bargained for. I look forward to whatever lies ahead.
Rachel Bridges - Director of GU Wellness; Mind, Body, Soul program of the Georgetown University - Washington DC - USA

Thank you so much for the information on your website. As a teacher, I get very frustrated with all the 'added' things that people have called Reiki - the do's and don'ts... the multitude of new symbols, cristals, psychic readings (ugg!). I keep my Reiki simple and try to relate it to every day life. Your information is clear and I would confidently send my students to your website.
Dima Dupere, Canada

You have uncovered the beautiful harmony of the system of Reiki. Thank you for your invaluable research and energy work! This is the kind of Reiki I want to spread on and make known to the world.
Matti Tappinen, Finland

Thank you again for a wonderful, deep, intimate and magical weekend. It was just a lovely, nurturing experience and I am committed to continuing my Reiki journey. I found the practice, history and teachings inspirational and in line with my belief and energy systems. You make a dynamic team.
Eve Bennett, Australia

I just want to say thank you for delivering such a great newsletter time and time again. I really look forward to it and get enormous enjoyment from reading it through and through. Long may it continue! You are a great inspiration and I encourage my students to read you as avidly as I do.
Angela Arnold, UK

Your way is like a calm flow of nourishing water for me and contributes to my feeling described by my analogy of how my Reiki practice has "taken a shower" in your teachings, vibration and exercises - with this gift of a new level of practice I am deepening and expanding my connection with Reiki and myself, blossoming like a flower. 
Nancy Karp, USA

Prospective and Fellow Reiki Teachers! 
You have been given a gift in your hands to help others heal themselves. An inherent aspect of Reiki is the amazing way in which it brings miracles of healing and other blessings into our life. It is easy for us as practitioners to get carried away with the miracles themselves and get caught up in ego trips, or detours that take us into "more powerful forms of Reiki" and such. Reiki is "universal energy". 
Going after a system that a) promises a more powerful form of energy, b) offers more symbols, c) offers "Unique", "More Powerful" tools etc. -- all this simply speaks to the staggering spiritual ignorance of those involved, as their very words betray a deep spiritual ignorance of the nature of the world around us. 
This system we call Reiki is a profound and deep system based on the sound spiritual teachings of Usui Mikao. 
While hands-on-healing is a distinct benefit of the system, there is a lot more for us as practitioners to learn and grow. Only by doing so will we fulfill our purpose as practitioners and teachers of the system. 
Look beyond the special effects and the pyrotechnics that the practice of Reiki often produces, to its depth and its simplicity. The truth can more easily be found by tracing the teachings back to what the enlightened master Usui Mikao taught, and not further away into newer branches that take the system of Reiki further away from the roots, its depths, its simplicity and real power. For me, after 6 years of Reiki practice and three Reiki Master teachers, I found the right teacher in the internationally acclaimed author Frans Stiene. 
I love and respect my previous teachers very much for what they've added to my life, because without them, I wouldn't be here, writing this to you! But it was Frans that showed me the truth and the depth about Reiki. I understand the simple, complete and profound system created by Usui Mikao.
I understand the fallacy of trying to devise a system "more powerful than Reiki" -- only a person ignorant of what Reiki really was and meant could even say something like that! I understand the deep, spiritual roots of the system, something that gives me comfort in taking on a life-long practice that will build the needed depth in me, which in turn will make my healing practice stronger and my teachings more truthful and my students more empowered in a deep system themselves. 
Only four days with Frans Stiene has turned my view of Reiki upside down and shockingly now the right side is up and it makes sense and feels right! The useless appendages to Reiki as I had understood it before have fallen off, the superstitions have vanished and a simpler system stands before me. 
I, the student, the practitioner, the teacher have come back into the center of the practice. My personal practice is the price. My personal freedom, perfection in my life and healing work, and truthful personal teachings are the prizes! 
Frans combines in his approach humility, honor for the truth, and humor to make his classes delightful. I open-heartedly recommend his classes to you. Go in with an open mind to his classes, and when you leave, it is possible that you will feel gutted as the old beliefs and untruths leave, but what you will be left with is the truth in its beauty and its simplicity. Here's intending that you too go forth and bring the light of truth into you and through you into your world!" 
Sundar Kadayam, Cincinatti, USA

Thank you Frans. These 3 days have confirmed my choice of going on the path of Reiki.

Christian Gicquel, France

Thank you Frans for joining your experience and energy with us during this weekend.
Ute and Harry, Germany

A very nutritious, grounding moment.
PS: Please come back!
Sara Ghlammalah, France

What can I say? Words cannot actually express how grateful I am to both of you for the truths you have shared.
Nina Fotara, UK

I had waited so long for this course... It is everything I wanted and much, much more.
Sara Saund, UK

Thank you for revealing 'the secret of inviting happiness through many blessings...'
Rita Bishop, UK

Well you did it again. What a wonderful course and yet again another piece falls in to place.
Annie D., UK

Excellent course, very grounding simple yet very profound.
Joyce McKay, UK

Deeply rewarding at so many levels, with so much to take away and explore further.
Michael Gunton, UK

Thank you, Frans and Bronwen for your joyous embodiment of Reiki! I am so grateful for your class and your teachings, and for the so important reminder and lessons that Reiki is a way to live. I look forward to continuing on this path with you.
Jessica Williams, USA

Thank you, I very much needed this weekend, wonderful people, wonderful teacher, wonderful energy.
Michelle Kenmure, UK

An honour and a pleasure to have been part of this course.
Doreen Sawyer, UK

Fantastic - what can I say, an amazing three days.
Caroline Langhorn, UK

Second time around - even better - got a much greater understanding - what will happen next year!!??
Michael Gunton, UK

When I think of you all, I think of little poppings of star light here and there which show all the lucky people and places who can now enjoy the light of love and illumination you will bring to them. My own personal experience from being in your company and in your wonderful energy has been truly life altering in the most wonderful way. We talked on Tuesday and all said the same thing. You are all truly blelssed and are examples of a level of living and sharing and caring and connection that really touches the soul and helps us to remember from whence we came and how connected we are.
Maddy Anderson, Delaware USA

I've met many Reiki Masters/Teachers, but none like these two. They genuinely care for their students and their learning. I think it's because they LIVE Reiki and are dedicated fully to helping others understand and enjoy it as much as they do. They take great delight in teaching and passing Reiki on to others, regardless of previous experience and lineage. I guess it's hard to put into words how special Frans and Bronwen are. I regret many things about my life, but I certainly do not regret the day the 'Google' search engine turned up 'International House of Reiki'.
Aaron Grugan, High School Teacher, Australia

Once again, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have learned more from the two of you (via email and reading your books) than I have teaching, practicing and working with Reiki over the past 10 years!
Ruthann Muir, Reiki Master USA

I contacted you recently to say how much I enjoyed your new book The Japanese Art of Reiki. I held my monthly Reiki Support Group last week and showed 15 of my students who turned up the earth ki/heaven ki/heart ki, followed by gassho, prior to our guided meditation. After a very empowered meditation in which we connected through visualisation to draw the earth energy and spiritual energy into our hearts we stood and placed our hand on oneanothers shoulders in a circle for reiki mawashi. It was truly wonderful we connected with each other. I have never had such an 'energised' evening of Reiki - our little village hall will never be the same again! We were all empowered and inspired and I feel I should again say a big part of this inspiration is due to your wonderful book. Thank you.
Rita Bishop, Reiki Master UK

By the end of the day everyone was centred and there was an almost visible glow around the group. The absolute love and serenity of the day stayed with me for weeks after. (explanation of The Remembering) Dr Ruth Harman, Australia

Forgive me writing to you like this out of the blue but I wanted to express a heartfelt thanks to you both for your magnificent contribution to the radiant world of Reiki. Both of your books are a great inspiration to me.
Janusz, Reiki Master UK

To begin I must say the course was an amazing experience for me I received more from attending that course than I ever thought possible, I have so much I want to say I hardly know where to start, the weekend for me was a completely uplifting experience I have never felt so spiritually connected ever before. I left the course on sunday feeling lighter, happier and more free than I have felt since I was a child. And that feeling has stayed with me, everything you spoke about over the two days really touched my spirit, I am now craving to learn as much as I possibly can. I have practised my reiki on myself morning and night, as well as doing the meditations I have also done a treatment on a close friend of mine which went very well, and did some reiki on my son who was having trouble with his asthma and it really seemed to help him. I feel like the weekend was a turning point in my life for me, my whole outlook on life has changed, my attitude to everything and everyone around me, even my children have noticed the change, I have this amazing feeling of peace and contentment with me constantly, that I have never experienced before. I take every spare minute I can get to read or meditate, or do some practise and every time I do that the feeling just gets stronger. 
I have always held a belief that you meet people for a reason, that there is no chance meeting, and I believe even more now after meeting you, I could of done many courses over the years since I have been interested in reiki, and could have learnt from many different teachers, but always something wasnt quite right, so I never did it, until I saw your website, and it all seemed to fall into place, the way you reached out to all of us over the weekend, I felt very uplifted and enlightened as soon as I walked in the door and for that and for all you taught me I will be eternally grateful, I hope I have managed to properly express my feelings. I hope that one day I may be able to share what I have learned in the same manner that you have.
Melanie, after a Reiki I course, Australia

Kelly McDermott from International House of Reiki on Vimeo.

I love your book, The Reiki Sourcebook!! You have done an excellent job of research and writing for this sensitive but important material. Thank you for your meticulous effort to provide unbiased information on reiki, which will help keep reiki from drowning in controversy and ego.
Nina Paul, USA, Author

This experience was a delightful and profound addition to my previous Reiki study. I particularly found the depth of research, spiritual sensitivity and innate humanness so evident in Frans' teachings to be the finest. 
Jane, USA

This has been a beautiful experience. 
Christel, USA

A wonderful experience both spiritually and intellectually. 
Cheyenne, USA

It was the most peaceful place I've been in. 
JoAnn, USA

The Shinpiden Workshop is a transforming experience for the Reiki Practitioner. I find it personally mind-stretching, soul-expanding and body-healing. What a holistic, loving, growth experience it was for me. 
Phillip, USA

I found myself filled with joy upon my return trip home. I have been a Reiki book junkie since Level one, always searching for something, and your approach has brought Reiki to its centre for me. Integrating some of these techniques into my current spiritual practice will bring closer the wholeness I was looking for. 
A big light bulb went on for me at one point in the Course, when you talked about becomin "earth energy". I have been working at spiritual discipline and prayer for 25 years. As a Christian minister, that is the strength out of which I

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Anne Gehman, psychic and medium and subject of the Hay House Book "The Priest and the Medium", talks about her experiences during a Reiki Treatment with Frans Stiene.

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